How to Appear Smarter Than You Are 1

At some point in our lives, we all want to impress friends and coworkers with our knowledge. However, many of us cannot afford to spend time studying, or we have other engagements which we deem to be more important. Luckily, there are a few techniques one can use to seem more intelligent with minimal effort.

First, you have to look the part.

Wear cotton polo shirts and apparel with the names of museums or university logos on them. Also, wear sweater vests, plain tailored-looking pants, knee-length skirts and clean sensible leather shoes. It is best if these items are in navy blues, browns or plaids. Avoid trends and flashy clothes at all costs. The key is to dress modestly and not show too much skin.

Wear glasses if you need them. Often glasses can make one seem more intelligent, especially rectangle and rounded frames; the thicker the frame, the better.

Do not go anywhere without a practical backpack of standard size, a good book to read, an address book, labelled notebooks of various size, at least five lead pencils with good erasers, five ballpoint pens and a day planner. Have these with you at ALL TIMES.

Next, regardless of whether or not you know the answer, massage your temples when asked a difficult question. Massaging your temples makes it look as if you are so smart that it is actually causing you physical pain to separate the answer to this particular question from the sea of knowledge that flows inside your brain. It is imperative that you massage your temples for just the right amount of time. Massage them too little and it will seem forced, massage them too much and it will look like you’re really struggling with the question. For best results, it is recommended that you massage your temples for approximately three seconds before attempting to answer the question. If you have facial hair, the same effect of massaging your temples can be achieved by stroking your chin.

After you have the look, the next step is to exercise some techniques which will give others the illusion that you are exceptionally smart.

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