How Our Classroom Quilt Defines Our Classroom Community

After viewing the finished classroom quilt via a gallery walk, I will attempt to explain how the quilt defines our classroom community in reflection of all of the other communities we have learned about this unit.

Writing Prompt

End of Module Performance Task: Writing to Explain How Our Classroom Quilt Defines our Classroom Community

How does the quilt define our classroom community? Use details and symbols from the quilt to explain what the other students in the class will contribute to our class and how they will help to make our classroom a community. How will these contributions make our classroom a strong community?

Paragraph Frames:

"Our classroom quilt defines our classroom community for many reasons."

"I observed different symbols such as __________, which means ___________."

"This symbol is important to our classroom community because..."

"I expect our class to be like..."

"I notice the diversity of my classmates because..."

"I notice that we have certain things in common including...

"I notice that we have great differences, too. In particular,..."

The End

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