How Not to Be A Pretentious Ass In Your Personal Statement

My friends and I joked that this was needed this week when writing our personal statements for university. With so many sites all around the place telling us what to do, and what not to do, I feel that this could be a good chance to try my first collab work and give others like me the advice that I had to go looking for.

As soon as my class had finished our study leave, this week, we were knocked in the face with one, terrifying word: FUTURE.

Higher Education Week has arrived, a week that's for me, full of workshops about how to write personal statements, non-UK universities, careers, gap years and volunteering lectures. All of it is rather daunting and can be quite a shock to the system. Of the sixty girls in my year, I count myself as one of the lucky ones. I've known what degree I wanted to take for quite some time, I had my five universities sorted out months earlier and so far, I have had my Centigrade profile back telling me what I already know.

For others, of course, it isn't that easy. I've had friends who've had slight ideas about their futures and have now decided, others are still undecided, and some still have no clue, even though we've been told that our personal statements must be completed at the end of this week.

When faced with figuring out where you want to live for the next three or four years, dealing with student finance and then writing what is potentially the most important essay of your life (other than a dissertation of course, a whole other kettle of fish), the temptation is to run away. Screaming. 

But I'm staying. I'm going to deal with my future because I'm fed up of procrastinating. I can feel my success just lingering in the air, waiting for me to ensnare it. I've been in education for twelve years, and am willing to take three more. And I've even decided to travel 247 miles away, not to escape my family and the Bristol that I know and love, but because I guess that's the distance I have to travel to become all that I want to be.

Anyway, anybody is free to write here. If you've gone through this process already, you're like me, going through it right now, turned down the opportunity for something else, or even have future worries, I think it's important that we all communicate. Plus, I think in such a stressful time, we need all the help we can get.

The End

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