Xavior: Ceremony

"I look foward to watching how it is done"

I keep my eyes on Imira and the council member approaching her with hands streched towards her, Imira let electricity dance on her finger tips once more. I raise an eyebrow as the council member links hands with her without flinching or moving away, a goblet of blood appears before them, freshly drained if my nose is correct. The council member sips the goblet of blood and then passes it to Imira who does the same, they look to me as a servant carries the goblet to my side "Now sire if you drink and say the words as written"

I nod and take a mouthful of blood "Grata Imira clavis iaculis et officialis concilium sodalis" welcome Imira, bolt thrower and official council member, they do love to speak latin.

Imira nods and bows to me "Ego am at tuam muneris" I am at your service

"Is that all you required my presence for council?"

"Yes sire, you are free to do as you see fit"

"Then I shall be leaving you, I wish to see more of the council chambers, if I require anything I shall let you know" I walk down the stairs and towards the door mentally rolling my eyes as they all bow as I pass.

I make my way towards the lower chambers where I hear the council has been raising humans, I could do with a snack.

The End

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