Xavior: Imira

The cart pulled up by two mahogany doors, a girl stood infront of them, staring at me, obviouslt not knowing who I was.

My servants helped me out and I kept quiet, my head in the air as if I had smelled something awful, refusing to look down at it, the way my father taught me.

"Make way for his royal highness, Prince Xavior, heir to the pureblood throne."

The girl raised an eyebrow. "Identify yourself girl" my steward commanded



"I was summoned by the council"


The girl smiled, electricity playing on her finger tips.

"Ah yes, this way." Imira followed us to the main room.

Everyone raised in their seats and bowed, I motioned for them to sit.

"Welcome to the imperial council your highness, we hope you will be comfortable"

I nodded

"Ah, you are Imira, correct? Good, this way please. He led Imira up the steps "It is a very fortunate day to arrive your majesty, it is a rare oppotunity to see this ceremony in person"

The End

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