Imira: Do I deserve this?

The message had arrived five days ago, and as usual it had been Kerri who had told it. Kerri was, like me, was gifted. Kerri could pick up what others wanted, if it was to do with anyone she knew. I could control and create electricity. Kerri said it was called electrokinesis, and poweful electrokinetics were called Bolt Throwers. 

"Do I deserve this?" I asked her. She smiled her impish smile.

"Of course you do! Why would they send for you otherwise?" she said. I sighed. I didn't want to have to leave, but I supposed I had to. Besides, it would be a chance to get away from my human family, something I'd wanted to do for decades.

"Oh yeah, Imi!" Imi was one of two nicknames she'd given me. The other one was Mira. I turned back.

"There was something about a pick up. Someone teleporting or something..."

Her voice faded as the autumn leaves swirled, even though there was no wind, and the garden melted into something altogether different.

It looked like a grand set of mahogany double doors, with golden handles. I was just about to knock as a cart pulled up behind me. I turned to see who it was.

The End

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