Xavior: Prince

I sat in my room, looking into the mirror. My blonde hair hung to just below my ear but I had to pin it back as Father said that it wasn't proper. I remember his speech the conversation like it was yesterday:

"My son, when you are older you will take my place as the king."
"What about brother and sister?"
"They are not pure, unlike you, my true son. You will learn how everyting works and what is happening under your rule. From now on my son, you will be treated as king and follow in my footsteps,is that clear?"
"Yes father, I promise not to dissapoint you"

I was young then and still growing, my aging process had stopped when I turned 17, my father had bitten me, it was his gift to me. I stared at myself with cold blue eyesand called for my crown. Moments later a servant appeared with a silk pillow, on it was my white gold crown, encrusted with blue topaz stones to enphasize my power.

"Your highness, the carriage is ready" Carta, the maid servant trembled as if she thought she would be hit.

"On my way" I sighed and rearranged my clothes, patted my hair and walked toward the cellar where I would find the underground passageways and a small cart which I would ride like a pompus fool toward the council.

The End

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