He was braver than most

To understand this, there's a little you need to know about me:  I bring a lot of emotional baggage to any relationship, being a severe depressive and owner of an uneven temper.

He was braver than most.  I met him during the rehersals for the school pantomime production of Peter Pan.  I was the sound technician, he was playing the lead baddie.  I had a fairly major crush on him, I'll admit, but I wouldn't ask him out.  I was too scared.  I think he must have noticed how I was watching him though. 

We walked in the same direction to get home after the rehersals, and we started walking together.  He talked to me, and I started to talk to him.  We continued this for four months, every Tuesday and Thursday.  He would hang around outside the hall where we practised, waiting for me to finish putting all the cables away, waiting to make sure I got home all right. 

A few days after the performances of the pantomime, he came to me in the school playground where I was hanging out with my friends.  He asked to talk to me in private.  I honestly had no idea what was going on.  When someone says that kind of thing to me, I always expect the worst.  I have no idea why, I just do.  He started telling me about how he'd fallen for a girl who was funny, smart and pretty who had been in the production.  The names of the other girls who had acted ran though my mind: the dancers and the singers, those who had the guts to go up onto the stage and act.  The girls all the guys liked.  Then he asked me out!  The girl who hid in the shadows with the sound systems, who glowered at anyone who ignored the 'no walking over the cables' signs, who most of the actors were scared of.

I say he was braver than most.  Most guys wouldn't come close to me that way with a barge pole, but he dared.  He dared to date the strange girl.  He put up with the fact that it was a fortnight before he could hold me properly, and another month before he could kiss me.  He supported me though a lot.  What he couldn't take was my admission to hospital after an accident that left me with amnesia, but that's a whole 'nother story.

The End

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