April 20th

Not my first girlfriend, but my most memorable "Ask Out" and also the most memorable girlfriend I've had.

It was the Month of April and the date was the 20th. I had a huge crush on this girl named Jessica since 5th grade, I was in 9th at this time period, so awhile if you couldn't have guessed. Anyways, I finally mustered the guts to ask her out, even though I was really thick headed then so, even though my best friend and all my other friends told me that Jess had a crush on me and REALLY wanted me to ask her out...I was scared because I figured they were just messin with me. So I mustered the guts to ask her out, this is kinda how it went.

The last bell rang so I went and found Jessica from her last hour, it was easy since I had been walking her to and from all of her classes. So I met up with her and then she walked with me to my bus (Yes, I had to ride the stupid "Yellow Dog," ) So that's when I decided to drop the question.

But I almost missed my chance, I was 99% close to missing the chance, it was only after we were about to release each other from our hug (which was much longer than five seconds) when I kinda pulled her closer and asked ; "Would you like to go out with me?"

I was never one for words so it was kinda messed up compared to what I had in my mind "Will you go out with me?" But non the less, the result turned out good, she said yes and buried her face into my chest and I let out the biggest relieved sigh of my life.

It's been a year and Seven months and we're still holding strong. I must say that I'm so glad I finally got the guts to ask Jessica out, had I not held her with that hug on April 20th, I probably would never asked her out. So that last 1% made a huge difference in my life.

The End

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