French Love

Not my first boyfriend, but a great memory.

We had met at a party.
I was on a student exchange in France, living there for three months with my 'twin' who was a french girl one year older than me. She was in grade eleven, but had a myriad of older friends. One of these friends, who was graduated and turning 18 that year, had invited my 'twin' to her birthday party. My 'twin' had invited me to come along,( seeing as we spent almost all of our time together) and told me that FRENCH parties were the best!
I was excited, back home I hadn't really "partied" much; I was only fifteen and my crowd of friends had just gotten out of the themed birthday parties a few months ago..
Anyways, I was so nervous on the drive to the party. I didn't really speak the language, and wasn't really sure how to act at this party. I had only ever had a few drinks with my family at New Years & Christmas morning, so I wasn't sure what the 'norm' was.
When we got there, everyone introduced themselves and gave me 'le bises'. (Kisses on the cheek) It was fun! I was still a little nervous and wouldn't leave my 'twins' side.
Eventually after a few drinks I became less nervous and more chatty. People loved me! I was the 'Canadian Girl'. They thought my accent was so cute, and thought it was hilarious when I corrected their terrible english.
There had been this one guy, this crazy hippie looking guy, with long curly brown hair who had kept to himself most of the night, playing a guitar. Well, I could probably just tell you right now that I was already so attracted to him, and I hadn't even met him! He looked so sexy and cool just sitting there strumming away.
 After the dancing died down and a few of the kids went outside for a smoke, him & I were left alone. He smiled an awkward but friendly smile at me, and walked outside. Just then, my 'twin' had stumbled out of the bathroom, and wrapped her big black scarf around my neck pulling me outside after her.
Everyone was hanging around in a big cirlce, sitting down in chairs. There happened to be a chair next to this mysterious boy, and I took the chance and sat beside him. Once I was sitting, he looked over at me and said "salut" (Hi in french) I was so stoked! He said 'HI' to me! Of course I said hi back, and that got us talking. He asked me basic questions, like my name, how I knew the birthday girl, and where I was from. He was shocked when I told him Canada. He said he knew I had an accent, but he would have never guessed that french wasn't my first language. I had blushed. He was so sweet.
Once the cold of night chassed everyone inside, it was once again just him and I left. I was kind of happy.
We sat outside for hours shivering and talking. We had talked about so much, most of it was french grammar, but I didn't care.
My 'twin' came outside after a few hours and said that it was time to go. Her mom was there to pick us up. I felt kind of sad, I had just gotten to really know this boy, and didn't want to leave. But of course I had to, so I said goodbye and we left.
My 'twin' knew I had liked him, and told me she thought he was cute.
Later that night, around 2:30 am, about a half hour after we arrived at home the mysterious boy texted my 'twin'. He had told her that he thought she was really cool, and thought that I was really cool too! He asked if he could have my cell phone number so that he could answer a few of my questions he didn't have time to answer! I was so happy! I couldn't believe it! He asked for my cell phone number! So, my 'twin' said of course and gave him my number. He instantly texted me, and we stayed up until 5 in the morning texting.
A few weeks later, after hanging out a few times he had asked me to go to a place called "Bellecour".  A place in the middle of Lyon, France that was a beautiful open courtyard. In this courtyard, there was a massive ferris wheel type thing that over looked all of Lyon. Once we were there he asked me if I was afraid of heights; I said no. As soon as I had answered he took my hand ran over to the ticket booth, and bought two tickets. Once we were seated on the ferris wheel, he took my hand once more and looked at me. As soon as we were at the top he asked me to be his girlfriend.
It was the most romantic thing I had ever experienced. No movie, song, or anything like that had ever made me feel the way I felt right then. I was so in love with him, and in that moment it was totally clear that that was what love felt like.
I said yes.
He had smiled, and leaned in for a kiss.




The End

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