I love someone else.

Not my first, but the most memorable!

I'd met this guy quite a few times at various social gatherings with my friends,and their friends.  We'd hardly spoken except for a few times, he'd been interested in buying a leather jacket I was selling, and I think that was the longest conversation we'd ever had.

Yet he and his friend Andy kept popping around visiting another friend that lived in the same block of apartments as my best friend.  We'd pass one another in the corridor or downstairs in the parking lot.  Sometimes they'd join us and our friends when we went of Breakfast runs (motorcycling).

Anyway I'd gone to a part being held at a Biking Club House with my best Friend as she was meeting her boyfriend there, and then we were going through to his place (another town about 50 K's from where we lived) for the weekend, as there was another Biking event arranged that we were going to.

As I was driving I didn't want to get too drunk, as there was a long road ahead so sat down in a corner watching everyone minding my own business, when this guy comes up to me.  First he just started talking in general, then he was telling me how he was in love with this married woman.  I was not really interested, but so as not to be rude tried to find some good answers as to his quandry.

Then he started to tell me that he liked me, and had wanted to talk to me for quite a long time.  So I said well I'm here now so talk to me.  He continued telling me how much he liked me and then to my supprise he then said he wanted to go out with me.

Jaw drop, you name it as I looked at him, my mind going into overdrive, here I am being asked to go out with someone, yet he is in love with someone else.  Well I basically showed him the door, telling him to go and sort himself out first.

When it was time to leave, it was very late, and my friend told me she was going to ride with her boyfriend.  I didn't want to drive all that way though on my own.  So asked him if he would come with me as a passenger.

We had a great weekend together, and talked a lot - can't remember about what now.  When we got back to our home town, I dropped him off so he could get his bike and go home.

About a week later, I decided to go and see if this guy was serious, we'd really gotten on well the week before, and he seemed quite decent. So went to the Club House where I'd met him.  Needless to say we started going out from that night on.

The married woman - I got rid of her, it took a while for him to realise which of the two of us he really wanted.  Strange as it may seem I  met her and encouraged him to see her, at the same time to see her for what she was.

Today we have been married for 21 years, and are still happy and in love.  It has not always been easy, yet he has stuck with me, even when I had cancer - he didn't take to the hills and run.

Sometimes it's the most inconceivable of situations, that can have a happy ending.


The End

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