Lamest Ever!

I was fourteen when my first and only boyfriend asked me out.  It was the summer before my freshman year and we were at a summer camp.  The two of us were sitting on a dock watching a friend of ours send people flying when he jumped onto the other end of this giant mattress-like thing that floated in the water.

It was getting late and I realized that if I didn't leave soon I wouldn't be able to wash the nasty lake water out of my hair before dinner so I turned to Aaron who was sitting next to me (and who I also happened to have a major crush on) and told him I was going to go.

"Hang on!"  he says, "I'll go with you."  I thought it was kind of weird but hey it was better than walking alone.  So I wait for him while he goes and tells our friend that he'll see him at dinner.  We start walking up the trail back to camp and out of nowhere he just says, "what if I told you I liked you?"

I was shocked into silence.  Never in a million years didi think he would ever ask me that question.  "I guess I'd say I liked you too."  I said in reply to his lame question.

He let out this big sigh of relief which was really pretty cute.  I guess he was really worried that I wouldn't like him (guess he didn't realize what a crush I had on him). 

The moment kind of got ruined when his councelor came up and offered us candy.   We dated for almost three years and broke up recently in May.  Things just tend to change when you grow up.

The End

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