What do I say to that?/StalemateMature

I would make a terrible lawyer.

I can't argue my way out of a wet paper bag and all of my best arguments are thrown back at me in shreds. They deserve to be considering they are so pittiful.

When people are hurting inside, they argue. They have an answer for everything and there is nothing that I can say that makes it better. I rant, they rant back with better evidence to support their views. However, nothing can change my views but, then again, nothing can change theirs either.

So, it's a stalemate. Talking to the people who hurt just leads to dead-ends. I can communicate what I want to say to them and they accept it but it doesn't change anything. The worst thing is, they repeat how they feel about their problems each time I try and argue more. Their feelings may grow darker the more they thing about it so me talking to them might be making things worse.

Should I just let everything they say slide past and let them fix themselves? I feel like it's the only option but Reason is still telling me No! You cannot give up on this! You promised to get rid of Darkness. You promised to help those who are in darker times. You promised me, you promised your Voice, you promised yourself.

I did promise. But what can I do in a stalemate?

The End

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