I felt this way before...Mature

I started to get woman's intuition a couple of weeks ago. It's acting up again...

There is something I did months ago that I never told him. It would hurt him. But I can feel history repeating itself.

I had been going out with him for a month but he had started to become detached and not really with it. So I went to my friend Greg for advice. We ended up hugging... intimately... This was on the Wednesday. On the Thursday, my boy dumped me. I knew he was only being honest and I respect him ENTIRELY. But I can't stop thinking about what I did.

He was gonna dump me but it was still cheating. I immediately dumped Greg a few days afterwards. I felt awful because I felt like I was lying by not owning up to what I did. I can't bring it up now cause I keep thinking it might ruin the great friendship we have now.

The reason why it has suddenly flared up again was because I started getting the same feelings again.

There is someone I love. He love me too. I promised to keep quiet about us because of some complicated sh*te. But he keeps going off chat without saying why. It sounds clinging that I miss him all the time but I am reasonable; he's got a life and a lot on his plate at the moment. But I was talking to my friend Laurence earlier on Facebook. The first thing he did was the "kiss" emoticon... then after I asked how he was, he said "oh, not bad/it's actually far too hot in this house -_- ^_^".

It was almost definitely the truth but I couldn't help that my women's intuition told me that this was called flirting. o.O I tried to stop myself but I ended up writing "I'd better turn my heating down too ;)" Oh My doG. I don't even know what came over me. It reminded me so much of what happened before that I almost texted my ex to tell him the truth.

Thank goodness I didn't but now I feel so dishonest. :( What do I do? Do I keep quiet and just let by-gones be by-gones? I just want to do what's right.

The End

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