Houses and Homes

These walls have seen
Time has beaten them
Worn them down
Plastered them with
Pencil marks of heights and ages
Stained them with
Food fight leftovers and late night drinks
Chipped them from
Rowdy children who thought they could throw
Covered them in
Smudged mirrors and dusty photographs
Yet somehow the walls have room
To witness the love between them
For it is the space between the walls
That holds the memories
The laughter
The tears
The gratefulness
The annoyance
The conversation
The shouting
The happiness
The pain
And perhaps the walls don't share their secrets
Not because they can't
But because they choose to treasure them
To bury them deep within the foundation and the brick
And are held together by these memories
Perhaps it is not plaster and plywood that hold walls upright
Perhaps secrets are their support
And memories are their glue
And maybe love is their foundation
Four walls make a house
The memories they witness
Make a home

The End

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