We saw

I loved guns.  More than anything.  Or at least I used to.  So fixing up the miniguns to full capacity was easy.  The quote unquote troops were still nervous.  Very nervous.  I almost felt sad for the marauders.  Exept for the fact that they were not human.  They were the freakish,deformed warriors.  I put the finshing toutches on the chain for the minigun.  Then a trooper charged out twoard the bunkers from the nearby forest.  He almost reached the base when he droped dead.  I mounted the nearby minigun and opened up on the forest.  I fired 48 rounds when I heard a animalized grunt echo out.  I drew my magnum and ran twoard the forest.  I stood in front of several disgruntled redwoods.  I ran in magnum raised.  Half a second later I dropped a f bomb and looked at what apeared to be a marauder.  In front of me was the echoing screams of more.  I looked once moore at the body,took the marauders weapon,and ran yelling "baricaded the bunkers!  Man miniguns! And prepare for marauders!"  The same trigger happy man took a shot with his winchester,at me.  The bullet grazed my cheek and I dove to one of the miniguns and prepared for the worst.

The End

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