Black rabbit

"Town" was a old group of bunkers built in the cold war to protect the population of a actual town ten miles away.  The man behind me continued to keep his pace.  I tried getting more info on his employer.  All I got was the name,Vilo.  Quickly the sun rose above the hills.  The bright glowing orb was a warning to keep moving.  Highway men would soon come looking for money.  I looked back at mr.Ivanov.  He was carrying a box.  In it were the batteries.  "Hold on those are car batteries!  Why would someone want these?"  I questioned.  The man looked over at me.  "The towns only line of defence from being destroyed by bandits is a bunch of miniguns around the perimiter.  The batteries power them."  Then we saw those miniguns as we aproached the town.  We were geeted with a rocket from a man on the top of a bunker.  We jumped away as the rocket slammed into ground.  Then the man realized that we were not bandit and stopped firing.  Idiotic fool.  Firing at us with a huge gun.  That's just wasting ammo.

The End

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