hostile evironment

The year is 5/after radiation. 6 years earlier a blast of radiation hit the earth. Humans were only slightly afected. But only a generation later the decended animals became mutated and mad. They turned on the most advanced creatures. Humans.

I dove for cover trying to evade the creature stalking.  I couldn't see it!  It moved so quick that I couldn't tell what it was.  The dark also stopped my vision at 20feet.  The creature was probly going to devour me.  I removed my colt 357 magnum.  Old as it was,it could easly kill most beasts.  Behind me the monster paced.  I peaked around my brick wall cover.  The creature was a radcat.  A decendent of the bobcat.  I was mad.  So I did the stupidest thing,I jumped out aimed and fired.  The first bullet struck the top of its spine,it crippled the creature.  The second bullet was to spare the cat from pain impacted it's head.  I stood there horified at what had happend.  I had killed a poor creature.  Then I remebered the poor soul who had been scythed by a early generation of radcat in my naborhood a few years ago.

I'm Trion raze and I'm trying to get as much distance from ground zero as I can.Now you're probly wondering what the h*&% is going on.  And that's simple to explain.  6 years ago radiation struck the earth and transformed some creatures into savage beasts.  They atacked and about 1/7 of the population survied.  Not all died from animals.  Bandits,machinery malfunctions helped.  And all the high tech things were paralized from the rads also.  Even some guns.  After 2 years some stuff came back to life.

The End

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