The Dead Are HungryMature

"Hey, Kyle." Kyle turned to acknowledge the person calling after him, but couldn't see them anymore as he followed the nurse to go see his brother.

"He's right in this room here," she said, indicating the room that Jon was in. Kyle was stunned at what he saw when he walked in.

A man - or was it a man? His face was half-torn off, and blood was running down his chin - was tearing bits of flesh from Jon's throat, as Jon convulsed on the hospital bed and then went still.

"No!" Kyle leaped into the room, jumping on the back of the man, or whatever it was, and beating it with his fists. When the thing didn't go down, Kyle tore a key off of his keychain and began brutally stabbing it into the creature's neck, carving a bloody hole in the base of its skull until he hit what he presumed was the brain stem or the spinal cord and it went still. "Fucking bastard!" Kyle shouted, as he continued to tear at the now-dead person that had just killed his brother. "You motherfucking bastard!"

Kyle suddenly went still at the sound of heavy, unnatural breathing. He slowly rose to his feet, standing up and finally daring to look behind him. Jon stood inexplicably on his own, blood running down the front of his shirt from what remained of his neck. He was breathing hard and staring intensely at Kyle, head cocked slightly to one side. When Kyle turned to look at him, Jon lunged forward, grabbing Kyle and pushing him to the floor. His jaws instantly went for Kyle's throat, but Kyle threw his arms up under Jon's body to push him off and stand back up. He grabbed a glass from the table next to Jon's bedand flung it across the room. It shattered across Jon's face, and he released a furious roar of pain and anger, holding one hand up to his face and screaming. Kyle ran out the door and slammed it shut, then bolted the door with a pipe and propped a chair up againts it to trap Jon - or what used to be him - inside the room.

Kyle collapsed to the ground, terror, loss, and anger all burning through his mind at once. What happened to Jon? What was happening to everyone? Was there any hope of escaping this horrible nightmare he had been thrown into?


Dominic sat down in a chair, looking left to right down the hall. The lights were mostly off, and nobody else was around. Suddenly, as Dominic looked down one hall to his left, a sillhouette appeared in the glow from a flickering light overhead. The person's back was slumped, and their arms hung awkwardly at their sides.

When the light flickered once again, the person let out a savage howl and hurtled down the corridor towards Dominic, ramming into him and driving him to the ground. Dominic shoved the person off and flipped them over, pinning them under him. He snagged a nearby trash can with the tips of his fingers and yanked the metal lid off, lifting it high into the air and then lowering it into his attacker's face with all his strength. The person immediately jerked and went mostly limp, before quietly groaning and beginning to roar again. Dominic drew back his weapon again, once more slamming it into this deranged person's face. They now went completely limp and did not move again.

When Dominic got a better look at the person's face in the flickering light, he saw that it was Alicia.

What happened to her? Dominic began to panic. What is going on?

The End

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