Olivia: Old InstructionsMature

Olivia glanced at the clock as she pressed the lift call button. Only an hour and she could go home.
“Come on,” She muttered impatiently as she watched the lift slowly count down to her level. The doors opened with an overzealous ding and she was grateful it was empty. The last she wanted was some friendly porter coaxing conversation out of her. She pressed the button for level five and waited patiently, ignoring the way her stomach launched as the lift moved. She'd never been especially keen on lifts or small spaces. Mostly because in school the bullies liked locking her in the cupboards. Everytime the teacher would tell them not to do it, but they didn't care. Bullies were mean like that. Her parents attempts to get the school to do something was pointless. Once Olivia was allowed, she took some basic self-defence lessons. Then she got told off for fighting back. But that was past history and there was no point in thinking about such things. She doubted she even remembered half the techniques she'd learned.

The annoying ding rang out and she walked into the brightly lit corridor. It was empty but that didn't surprise her, this late most people wanted out of the hospital. Any night staff would be the nurses and doctors on the wards or the cleaners. She began to take a first step but paused. What was that sound? She turned her hazel eyes to her right, the side-corridor was dark so she figured it led to some offices that had already been closed for the day. It had certainly grown dark outside quickly. She ran her hands over her arms uncertainly, that sound had been strange. It had sounded human but not.
“Great, now I'm imagining things. Guess I went a little crazy with the coffee today...” Olivia trailed off, needing the reassurance of her own voice in the eerie silence.
“Honestly, getting worked up over what was probably just the hospital pipes,” She murmured, turning her attention back to the lit corridor. Something slammed into her and she felt the lift button beep as her body pressed it. She pushed away enough to look at the person and cried out. What the hell is that?! The women had a cleaners outfit on, but it was stained with blood and other things she didn't want to think about. Nails that the women probably paid a ton to have perfectly manicured dug into the skin of her wrists. Saliva was dripping down her chin as her jaws snapped impatiently. Is she trying to bite me? Olivia was barely keeping the women at safe distance when she heard the bright ding. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to recall old instructions.

Keep your feet equal to the width of your shoulders, bend your knees slightly...
Olivia placed her right foot forward, placing it next to the women’s. She quickly grabbed her left arm with her right and raised it. The women that was now this strange creature paid her actions no attention. Olivia needed to do this quickly. She didn't have the endless strength to fight this thing off forever. Olivia tightened her hold around the women right wrist with her other hand and lowered herself, turning quickly around and tugged harshly on the women's arms. Olivia ignored the closeness of the women’s breath and she yanked her over her shoulder and into the open lift. The women let out a shocked, confused sound. Olivia reached in and pressed a random level.
Hurry up damn it! The lift doors shut was soft shush sound just as the women stood up and took a step. Olivia watched the levels roll above the lift and collapsed into a tangled heap on the floor, shaking violently.
What just happened?

The End

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