The AttackMature

TJ walked alone down one of the hospital corridors. Emma had returned to work, leaving him to himself until she was finished. He sighed to himself and shoved his hand into his pocket. When he took it out, he was clutching a small velvet box. He opened it to look again at the ring, with its diamond centre. Emma would love it, he knew she would. He just hoped she would say yes.

TJ placed the ring back into his pocket and rounded a corner. The corridor was empty but for one man. Standing next to the wall, he was banging his head against it, and scratching his nails down it. They left gouges behind.

The man turned to TJ, who recoiled, revolted. The man’s face was peeling, the skin falling away. It had taken on a rotten hue, turning a yellow-purple colour. Boils had erupted on his skin; the skin which remained that is, spewing mucus of varying colours. His teeth had become pointed and misshapen. His clothes were ragged and torn.

The man snarled, and then sprinted straight at TJ.

“Hey, what the fuck?” TJ said as the man launched himself through the air and grappled him to the ground. There they wrestled, the man constantly roaring, attempting to bite TJ. TJ threw him off and scrambled to his feet. He kicked out at the man, if you could even call him that anymore, more like an it.

TJ took a few paces back, and spotted a fire axe on the wall. He grabbed it, the turned back to the thing.

“Come on, you fucking motherfucker!”

The thing ran at him again, and TJ swung the axe, separating its head from its body. TJ watched as the thing continued to move for a few moments, its hands reaching towards him, then it fell in a crumpled heap to the floor. TJ sighed, then turned and ran. He had to find Emma, and they had to get out of there. 

The End

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