Business As UsualMature

Kyle Knight sat in the waiting room, head leaned against the wall, bored out of his mind but extremely focused on the situation all at once. His brother had been taken in, unconscious, on a stretcher several hours ago. Presumably, they were waiting for him to regain consciousness, and had already taken care of all the immediate problems - larger cuts, broken bones in need of setting, and things of that nature - but Kyle was still worried.

It was the first time Kyle had taken Jon out hunting with him, and he had been afraid something like this might happen. But, of course, Jon insisted on going with him this time, and he'd gotten hurt just like Kyle had feared.

The doctors said there wasn't anything severly wrong with him; he had several broken bones and a possible concussion, though. He might have to stay the night if he did have a concussion, otherwise they could release him tonight. But first he had to regain consciousness. Until then, it was going to be a long wait for Kyle in the waiting room.

Just as Kyle was contemplating taking a nap in the mostly-vacant waiting room, a nurse poked her head around the door to the ER. "Kyle?" She called, "Jon finally woke up. You can come see him, if you'd like. He doesn't appear to have a concussion, so if you want to take him back home tonight, you can, but your parents will have to fill out the release forms, as they are his legal guardians."

"Okay, great," Kyle said as he walked over to the door and followed the nurse to his brother's room. "I'll give them a call and tell them they can pick him up."


Dominic Hansen stood against the wall in the small hallway leading through the first floor towards the emergency room, holding a coffee he'd gotten from the cafe down the hall a few minutes ago. He'd decided to take a short break as hospital business began to wind down for the day.

Gripping the coffe mug firmly in one hand, he leaned back against the wall, casually sipping and watching other personnel bustle by, carrying out ordinary business.

Soon, he saw Alicia Feynes walking by, brushing her long, blonde hair out of her face. "Hey Dom," she said as she slowly paused in front of him. "How are you?"

"I'm great, thanks for asking," he said, sipping again from his coffee.

"That's good! Must be nice to have such an easy job. No offense, of course - I'm sure it takes a lot of discipline to lean against the wall just right and sip from your coffee mug at regular intervals," she said, laughing.

Dominic grinned at her and said, "Yeah, it's pretty hard work. Very intense focus." He did his best impression of a man focusing hard on a difficult task and laughed hysterically.

Alicia laughed, then walked away. He'd been friends with her since childhood, and now they worked together. He'd been afraid that after high school and college they would go their own separate ways, but so far that didn't seem to be likely.

Dominic walked down towards the waiting room and saw Kyle Knight standing up and walking to the door after a nurse. "Hey, Kyle," Dominic called after him, only half-expecting an answer. Kyle just nodded in his direction and continued to the door.

Kyle was a nice enough guy, Dominic figured, but he could act kind of odd sometimes. He kept to himself a lot. The whole town knew his face, but only a few select people actually knew anything about him.

Dominic stood and dropped his now-empty coffee mug into a nearby trash bin, then went back to his previous place in the hall. Back to business, he thought. Business as usual.

The End

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