Olivia: Another Dull DayMature

“Olivia, before you go can you just-?”
“No!” Olivia interrupted sharply before letting out a long sign. The look on Jasmine’s face made her feel instantly guilty.
“Sorry, I've already got a big workload today. If there’s anything that can wait until tomorrow I might be able to help,” She said with a half-hearted shrug. Jasmine sends her a nod and smile.
“Enjoy the basement!” She says as the office door closes behind her. Ugh. It was bad enough for her that it was sticky hot summer outside. But it was worse on the first level. The staff only area that the hospital would be doomed without. Olivia sent a glare to the visible pipes above her head, sending hot water and such to other areas and heating the floor above. And making the basement stifling. It wouldn't be so bad if the corridor wasn't so small. She thanked the stars she wasn't claustrophobic. Olivia knocked on the IT team's door and waited, tapping her foot impatiently. Finally a guy with glasses and a partial bald head answers.
“Hi, how can I help you?” he asks, his eyes flicking the ID badge around her neck to check she actually belonged here.

“I'm here to pick up the replacement laptop for one of the ED consultant,” she replied, using the lingo for Emergency Department without a second thought. Only new comers don't figure out what that means. He ushered her in and asked for the consultants name which she speaks with a half sign. This room clearly had air-conditioning. And it was one hell of a relief for her. He said he'd be right back and disappeared to some back offices. It didn't take him long to return with a laptop case.
“You need to sign for it,” He said and she nodded. She quickly scribbled her bad excuse for a signature. she'd never exactly made an effort to plan it. So it just looked like a rushed and very slanted version of her first name.

“Thanks!” she yelled as he began to close the door. Well, that was one supposedly “urgent” job out of the way she though. She began internally ranting. I swear, consultants are meant to be the smart people who knew everything medical. But god forbid they can't access their e-mails for one day. Not that She could talk. Everyday without fail Olivia fires up her computer to find a dozen e-mails. All claiming their “urgent”, “Must be done now”, “ASAP”. Everyone thinks what they need is important. But truthfully she ended up leaving half it till the end of the day, the easy tasks. Not that there's anything easy about claiming the photocopier in the office next to theirs and waiting for something to copy fifty times. In fact it's rather boring and repetitive. But there's always been a good balance of repetitive and new work here. Working as an office lackey for the Emergency Department. It's as crazy in the offices sometimes as it is in the waiting room. With that thought she let her gaze wander over the ragtag group the A&E had gained today. A few elderly as always. Someone who appears to have caught their hand with a nail and.

Whoa. There was someone she would not want glaring my way. One look at his clothing made her think of a mean motorcyclist. The only thing that broke the illusion was his eyes. They were a pale blue and the innocent shade of them were at odds with the rest of him. Including his whole posture. Then those eyes turned to stare her way and she looked away, feeling her cheeks burn. Jeez, Olivia, don't you remember that long, endless to-do list in the office? It's not going anywhere, so stop gawking at strangers! Besides, he just drips trouble...
Olivia made a side-trip to the consultants office and got many thank-you's from a frazzled looking consultant. She muttered “no problem” like always and headed to the office. Next thing was to head up to the records library. Sometimes she could fool herself into thinking it was a real library with the smell of old dust and paper. But she didn't really want to read a file about every aliments that occurred to someone. She grabbed the list her manager had already printed along with the trolley and headed for the elevator. She purposely took the long way, wanting to avoid the waiting room.

Olivia stopped by the records office to get her letter of entry signed by their manager. Once she'd shown it to the guy behind the desk, he let me in. She ignored the smile he sent me because she knew she would struggle to look away. Why do all the cute, nice guys have to be gay?!
After telling her mind to thoroughly leave the subject be, Olvia headed into the shelves, using the numbered system to track down the records. She didn't bother searching for names here, just their personal hospital number. Of course sometimes their never where their meant to be. She had to ask cute and totally gay to help her track down one. Finally, another job done, Olivia left. She glanced at her wrist and noted she had to wait around for forty minutes before she had to go. Which would be great if she had nothing to do. But the moment she's back in the office she sees another piece of paper on her desk. Collecting casualty booklets, the booklets that note down all the medical information of patients when their in ED.

The most tedious job in the world. At least she'd be able to get it done quickly. Provided some silly junior doctor hasn't walked off with the things. Olivia entered the code for reception, remembering to shield the keypad her body, so the patient in the waiting room wouldn't see. Do not turn around and search for him. The mantra kept repeating in her head. Where would be the point in it? Apart from tonight she knew they would never see each other again.

Knowing my bad luck, nothing was going to happen to change that. She thought darkly as she yanked open the first cabinet.

The End

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