Eli: Encounter at the HospitalMature

To say Eli was pissed off was an understatement. 

He was now sitting in a crowded waiting room with several bruised ribs waiting to be seen by a nurse. He didn't want to be here, he could have easily just slept it off, but the bastard who had started on him had stupidly chosen to do it in a public place, attracting the authorities and thus an ambulance.

A smirk of satisfaction passed Eli's features when he thought about how much worse off the guy had been. He must have fractured his hand at least. 

'Mr Charlston?' a nurse called out. Eli stood up, ignoring the pain that flared in his ribs at the slightest movement. 

The waiting room was extraordinarily busy for a Thursday night. The chairs were all filled up; some people milled around aimlessly with blank faces - more than likely out of boredom - others were complaining to the receptionists about the lack of doctors and some even eyed Eli enviously as he headed over towards the nurse. He ignored them all. 

'Good evening Mr Charlston,' the nurse greeted him. She was a pretty thing, all blonde hair and soft features. Eli towered over her tiny frame and he couldn't imagine how he must have looked to her. 

'Good evening Nurse Matthews,' he replied dryly, reading her name tag.

'I have your notes here Mr Charlston. I'll just need to check to see if you have any signs of concussion, if that's okay?'

Eli took a seat on the edge of a bed, folding his arms across his chest. 'Fine by me.' 

She produced a mini flashlight and proceeded to shine it first in his right eye, then in his left. 'Your pupils look normal, no visible signs of any head trauma.'

'I didn't hit my head.'

'Standard procedure when someone has engaged in - '

'Engaged in? The bastard hit me first. Came out of nowhere. I only did what any sane person would do and defend myself.'

'Be that as it may Mr Charlston, I'm just making sure that you don't leave the place with a concussion. We wouldn't want that,' she smiled at him. 'However, you will need an X-Ray to determine the damage done to your rib cage. Do you have any bruising or swelling that you know of?'

He shrugged.

'Could I please have a look?'

'Feel free,' he pulled his shirt up. He knew he made the girl uneasy, he could tell that just in the way she was talking to him. He sometimes had that effect on people though; sometimes they were scared of him and other times they were constantly on edge, all riled up for a fight. He didn't go looking for them though, tonight had just been unlucky for him.

'Yes you do seem to have some bruising,' she lightly probed his skin with tender fingers. Referring back to her notes, she whipped out a pen and began writing something. 

'I'm going to transfer you to Radiology, on the second floor. Go to reception and check in and then you'll have to wait for a nurse to see you.'

'More waiting?' he arched an eyebrow.

'I apologize, we're very busy tonight,' she frowned slightly, puzzled herself.

'Well thanks for your help doc, appreciate it.' 

What a complete waste of time, he thought to himself. Coulda fixed myself with a bag of frozen peas.

He began his journey to the second floor, unaware of the chaos slowly unfolding around him.

The End

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