Hospital of the DeadMature

A zombie virus breaks out in King's Heart Hospital, and quarantine is enforced. A small band of survivors must find a way out, before the entire building is destroyed.

The couple strolled down the hospital corridor, passing empty gurneys, nurses running in both directions; pagers beeping, a doctor holding a clipboard; a stressed look on his face.

He was TJ Ryan, she was Emma Matthews. TJ had a mane of dark black hair, and stood around five foot ten. Emma had long, blonde hair, was slim and stood five foot five.

“How long is left on your break?” TJ asked.

“Doctor Robinson wants me back in fifteen minutes”.

“Well we gotta make those fifteen count then don’t we!” He took her in his arms and kissed her. She kissed him back for a minute, then pushed him off.

“Not when I’m working TJ”.

“But you’re not working”.

“You know what I mean “. She took his hand and they began walking down the corridor again. They turned a corner and bumped into a doctor running the opposite direction.

“Oh sorry doctor Robinson... are you okay?” she was looking at his right hand. He had it cradled in his left and blood was free-flowing. A gash ran across his palm, jagged and raw looking.

“What this... It’s nothing... A patient bit me is all”. Dr Robinson had a glazed look in his eyes, he seemed distant. He made no attempt to move around TJ and Emma.

“Dude... are you sure you are okay?” TJ asked, “you seem a bit off”.

“W-what” Dr Robinson said, his voice shaky, “Oh y-yeah... I’m f-fine... just a bit s-shook up. I’ll be alright o-once I get something for this c-cut”.

He moved off around them, limping slightly as he walked down the corridor. TJ and Emma stared after him.

“Something is not right with him”, Emma said. She had a concerned look on her face.

“You care too much about everyone” TJ said, “Like he said once he gets something for the cut he’ll be fine!”

“I hope you are right”.

They stared for a moment longer then turned and moved on again. Stopping outside the ICU, they said goodbye until the end of Emma’s next shift. As she entered the ward, TJ glanced at a patient thrashing on one of the beds, his arms and legs strapped down. This must be the patient who’d bitten Doctor Robinson.

The End

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