It had to be some form of psychological test. But if it wasn't... Ryder liked to be prepared and she wasn't happy with the way things were going. Not that anyone around the table was. Their arguments had rapped at her brain so she could not think straight, so she had intervened. And now, Mr Bane was back. She climbed slowly down from the chair, aware that his eyes were watching her, though she could not see them.

"Enough! This time I shall not mess around. We shall begin."

Ryder's brain span in to overdrive. Judging by the activity over the last few minutes, this, while wholy unbelieveable, was no hoax. That meant that either they were testing her, or this was some creepy situation that she had been landed in. She had no idea which idea she prefered, although the former would mean that all these other people were like her. She skimmed the room and considered the possibility. Although she could imagine some of them in her role, Audry did not fit the bill. Not even close. Kat, she was still unsure of, although their similarities made her wonder. Andrew... he seemed sturdy enough, and Tom was mysterious with ruthlessness in his eyes... she could not be certain.

"You will be given a series of tests which you must try to survive, and if you do, which I doubt, you will win the prize. Are we clear?"

"Just what makes you think we won't get out of here? Or call someone?" Ryder asked, already planning a dozen escape routes and schemes.

"Because I know your secrets." He replied simply.

My secret. If he knew my secrets, he wouldn't just be in danger from me. He'd be in danger from them, too. Ryder's thoughts echoed round her head. 

Was he willing to take that risk?

This man was mad she decided. Either that, or he had a lot of friends in very high places. Her other option had gone out of the window. This was real. Very real.

The End

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