"There Will Be Blood."Mature

Two distinct feelings dominated the room. A great feeling of fear, that what this man was saying might possibly be true. Then there was a feeling of denial, that this was all a big grand show, to add some melodrama to the evening. But even those that doubted Victor's dramatic words had some uneasyness brewing in their throats. What ifs formulating in their heads.

James twiddled his thumbs, unsure of what was to come. He could feel the anticipation of something, he had no idea what, building in every muscle, every sinew and every nerve of his body. Hairs on the back of his neck rose, as if ready to spring forth from their resting places.
Victor hadn't told him what exactly he was planning to do. James had known for some time this night would come, just not what would come of it. Victor had phoned him up but only last week, and discussed the role he wanted James to play out, but without reasoning or an explanation. He simply left James with the dark words;
"There will be blood." leaving James stupified, listening to the elongated beep of the tone.
And now here James sat, at the unveiling of Bane's plans, still wavering with uncertainty, leaning foward in his seat out of feigned interest, sweat congealing on his brow as his throat tightened in an anxious constriction.
Bane continued his speech in a malicious voice, which boomed across the now eerily silent room. '...I cannot guarentee your safety in any of the forthcoming... events. I would also like to remind you that I have various measures employed to prevent any guest from escaping the premises.' He smiled, looking downward in an almost bashful fashion, to fix his cuffs. He seemed to let the information sink in during a moment of silence, before continuing: 'before we continue with any fun and games however, I have to see if you are fit to be my esteemed guests,' His face twisted in an insane grin. 'You'll be glad to know that the dining room door is now soundly locked, and we shall be beginning the FIRST event of all!' His arms raised gloriously as his voice echoed toward the guests, who sat stunned, paralysed in their seats, not quite sure what was going on anymore. But James had a fair idea. Unlike the others, he knew full well what Victor Bane was capable of. 
Memories of 'surgeries' were stained in James's mind; images of blood and the sounds of screams, whispered voices, and the crunching of bones. He still never understood why they did what they did. James just clambered about, following in Bane's footsteps, trying to lap up every tidbit of acceptance he offered. Acceptance he never gained from anybody else.
Surely Victor would spare his very own friend from whatever madness he had planned? The more it lingered, the more it made James wonder at the possiblities. Maybe there was a reason he was told virtually nothing? Maybe... maybe James was in danger after all.

The End

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