An Hours ExplorationMature

They followed Desmond to their rooms. Audry and Andrew were placed next to each other, despite their protests and the distasteful looks that passed between them. Ryder was just analysing the possible wealth in one of the paintings on the corridor wall when the group stopped.

"This is your room Miss Lythe." Desmond pointed to the doors, "And this is yours Miss Summers." He pointed to the doors across from Ryder's own. So Kat and her were opposite each other she thought, stealing a glance at the woman. She interested Ryder, more than the others. She seemed more like her than uptight Audry, or confrontational Andrew. She could not say anything about the newcomer Tom, but she felt there was something in his air of danger. She couldn't tell whether she liked it or not.

Ryder stared around at the room, taking it in. She'd been in better rooms to be sure, but she'd also stayed in much worse. This room was as old as it was expensive, and as she patted the bed a thin layer of dust rose in the air. She frowned, and corssed the floor to the window. Opening it she stared out at the rain, watching it pelt the only thing she could see in all the darkness; the window ledge. Before she went to bed she would have to get rid of all the dust. She pulled off the bag she had strapped to her back and put it on the chair. She would unpack later. Now the curiousity she felt towards the whole situation was returning, and she eyed the door to the corridor with interest. An hour until dinner, the butler had said. Well, she was sure she could explore plenty of the house before then. She must wait however, until she was sure the creepy butler had gone. Half an hour should do it.


She crossed the room hurriedly, her boots making only a slight sound on the carpet. She opened the door slightly, and peered out. A distinctly forbidden air surrounded what she was doing. That of course meant Ryder was going to embrace it.

No one was in the corridor, so she slipped out and closed the door. Behind her, the door opened. She wheeled around and found Kat staring at her.

"What are you doing?" Ryder asked, as Kat came out in to the corridor and slid her own door shut.

"Exploring. What are you doing?" There. There was that impish light in the eyes. They were of the same mind. This was definitely forbidden.


Kat grinned.

"Which way?"

Ryder glanced around. Her left was where they had come from; it led towards the stairs. So the right was still unexplored...


Kat nodded. They both shared the unspoken understanding that they were exploring this together. So without another word, Ryder turned and headed off to her right, Kat along side her.

"What do you reckon about all of this?" Kat asked as they reached the end of the corridor. Left or right?

"Weird. Dangerous. Fun." Ryder's eyes glinted. She loved danger. "Left or right?"

"Right. Fun?"

They turned right, and Ryder glanced over at Kat. She was not used to someone sharing her adventures.

"Not knowing what's happening... the danger of it. If find it... exhilarating." She threw out her hand and stopped Kat. Ahead there was a giant portrait of a man with a dark beard and even darker eyes. They said eyes were the windows to the soul, and if that were true, this man's soul was the colour of pitch.

"Dead end." Kat whispered and they turned around, heading back the way they'd come. "So you like danger."

"I suppose you could say that. And what about you? Will your thoughts of this house be nightmares, or dreams of adventure?"

"I suppose both." Kat replied, and then nodded forward. Ryder turned her head and saw the door. It was made of dark wood, with a black iron handle and bars of iron wrapped around it, hugging it as though it held a secret.

"Interested?" Ryder asked, looking across at Kat.

She needed no reply. Kat's eyes burned with curiousity. Ryder marched towards the door, and pushed lightly on the handle. The door was locked. Of course. It would have been no fun if it was open.

Ryder knelt down and pulled a pin from her hair. She inserted it in to the lock and began to twist. She felt the hard resistance of the lock, prepared herself to tweak it, and then heard a dry cought behind her. She stood up, the hand holding the hair pin behind her back.

Desmond was coming down the corridor, straight backed and skin so powdery it looked as though he could decompose at any second.

"Ladies, this end of the corridor holds nothing of interest. Please, make your way down to the dining room."

"Excuse us, that's what we were trying to do. We were lost." Ryder grabbed Kat's arm. "Could you show us the way Desmond?"

The butler gave her a withering glance that showed he saw through her lie, but turned and beckoned them to follow. Ryder winked at Kat and they followed the butler's lead.

The End

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