Inside The HouseMature

Andrew didn't have a good feeling about this place. While he didn't see what the big deal was with him curising, he shrugged it off and decided not to let it bother him. He didn't curse like a sailor like some people did. It was only when he got scared or surprised that a "shit" or "fuck" managed to slip out involuntarily. I guess he would have to bite his tongue from here on out. He wasn't giving up that prize money, and he definitely wasn't going to let Audry get his share after being kicked out of the house for his foul language. It was a relief to be inside where it was warm, as creepy as the house looked on the inside, but it was better than being outside in the rain and risk getting struck by lightning. At this altitude, it was likely to happen. He set down his suitcase, taking a long look around at his surroundings. The place looked about a hundred years old, the red and black wallpaper starting to peel, and the carpet feeling as though it had seen better days, with its built in creaks, and moans from the floorboards beneath. It was like something one would only find in a horror movie. He wasn't surprised that it came with its own butler, as surly as he was.

He glanced over at Kat as she kicked her shoes off, making herself at home. Taking a couple steps in her direction, he held his hand over his mouth and leaned in to whisper. "I don't think this is the best place to be barefoot right now." She looked confused, but shrugged off his words, insisting that it wasn't so bad. He shook his head in disbelief, rolled his eyes and turned to walk back to where he'd set down his suitcase, Audry moving away from him and walking into the living room, joining Kat. Andrew sighed wearily. Figures. She was going to have to get over this animosity for him, one way or another, but he had a feeling it was probably going to be like pulling teeth. He glanced over his shoulder as a new guest entered the house. To his relief, it was actually a man. Not a woman, but a man. "Oh, thank god," he said. "I thought I was going to be the only guy at this party." He blinked at the man's English accent, wondering how far he'd traveled just to make it there, or whether he was a regular L.A. native like him. Catching a peek at the pouring rain outside before the butler shut the door, he blinked. "Wow, it's really coming down out there." He glanced back at Ryder, suddenly remembering her motor bike in the front driveway. "Oh sh--" The butler cleared his throat, stopping him mid sentence. "Shoot," he finished with a tight smile. "Your bike! You going to leave it out there in this weather?"

"Well I don't have much of a choice, unless there's a covered garage or a shed around back," she said with a shrug.

Andrew sighed softly. "I doubt it. That sucks." He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans, glancing over at the new guest with a nod. "Hey, I'm Andrew. Thanks for joining us. You from England?" It was a stupid question, but he thought he'd ask it anyway.

"Are we going to be shown to our rooms anytime soon?" Audry asked the old man. "And can you take my bags up for me?"

"Finally, she speaks up," Andrew proclaimed, much to her disgust.

"Don't get too excited, Barnett," she tells him. "I'm still pissed at you."

"Why! Why are you so pissed at me?" Andrew cried. "Because I decided to go off to medical school, instead of becoming another Bon Jovi? I still play gigs every week, but my ER gig is more important. I gotta focus on that." He shook his head once more. "That was over eight years ago, you gotta get over it sometime."

Audry ignored him, crossing her arms firmly over her chest and fixing her gaze on the butler expectantly.

The End

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