Ryder Lythe arrives.Mature

The purr of the bike underneath her soothed Ryder's brain. Since she had recieved the invitation, her brain had been working over-time to discover why she had been invited. She knew nothing about this man, although she had been looking in to it. Nothing useful had surfaced.

She pulled up the drive, and saw the lights of several cars in front of a large mansion like house. She wasn't the first to arrive, but she had planned that, so that she could see if she knew anyone. She pulled the bike round and parked. As she slid off the helmet she glanced around at the faces of two people, a man and a woman. They seemed to know each other, but she didn't recognise them. And Ryder was pretty good at remembering faces.

She climbed off the bike, placing the helmet on the bars before turning to inspect them again. The girl was pretty, and the man handsome. And there was an invisible wall of tension between them which unsettled Ryder. They seemed to know each other.

She leaned against the bike and stared at them, unwilling to speak first. The man obliged.

"Hi. Andrew." He did a small wave.

"Ryder." She nodded back, and then stared at the woman.

"Audry." The woman's eyes flicked over to Andrew as she said her name, and Ryder detected a hint of disturbance. This woman was confident, but this man unsettled her. Ryder wondered why.

"So, do you know our host?" Andrew asked, making conversation as he leaned on his car.

"No. Do you?" She asked, folding her leather clad arms against the chill of the air. She wasn't sure if it was the wind, or the atmosphere that made it cold. 

"Not a clue. Fascinating isn't it?"

"Hmm." She provided a non-commital noise then turned her dark eyes back to Audrey. "And you. You do not know him?"


Just then the crunching of gravel on the drive made Ryder and her companions turn their heads, straining through the dark to catch a glimpse of the new arrival.

The End

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