Master Bane EntersMature

Brushing back the sleeve of his black Gucci suit, Victor Bane checked the time on his silver wrist watch. It was a little after nine, and his twelve guests should be arriving any minute now. He chuckled sinisterly to himself, tugging at the collar of his red dress shirt and stepping into the dimly lit foyer, illuminated only by the flickering candlelight lamps that lined almost every hallway in the mansion, sometimes caused by the ghostly inhabitants that had long passed away years ago, before the mansion was even built on top of their graves. He glancing up the long and grand staircase, impatiently awaiting his right hand man's arrival. His job this evening was to pose as one of his twelve guests, that he had picked randomly out of a phone book, digging deep into each of these strangers lives, even his own best friend's to find out their deep dark secrets that they tried so deseperately to keep buried. He had no idea that Andrew Barnett or Audry Nottingham knew each other once, years ago back in high school, but if he had, he would be quite intrigued to see some drama unfold between the bickering pair.

Drama was nice, but not half as intriuging as terror, which is exactly what he had in store for his guests for the next three days. Terror. The fact that they had no idea what they were getting themselves into made him giddy inside. They didn't know him, but he knew a shocking piece of information about each one of them. Another sinister chuckle rose up in his throat as he turned, stepping towards the grand staircase and draping his arm over the pedestal at the end of the banister, leaning his hip against it. While he and his butler Desmond were armed, he made absolute certain that James was not, and once the British bastard made his appearance, he would make damn sure to search him for any concealed weapons. He had a whole new set of plans in mind for him this evening, and they didn't just include terror. He was going to test him, experiment with his mind, if you will, and discover just far he would go to survive. He'd be lucky if he could find his way out of this mansion ever again. An evil grin curled his lips. If only he knew.

Hearing footsteps coming down the hall, he turned around and saw, who else, but James standing there. "Better late than never. " He set a firm hand on the man's shoulder. "You ready, buddy? First thing's first..." His expression quickly turned somber. "Are you packing some heat?" He cocked a brow at the man, more in challenge than in question.

The End

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