Andrew and AudryMature

Never, did Andrew Barnett imagine that he'd run into Audry Nottingham of all people, here, at this strange and creepy little mansion. Did Master Bane intend on inviting them here together? Or was it merely coincidence? He didn't know how this mysterious host's mind worked, and he wasn't so sure he was ready to analyze it either. For all he knew, he could be some homicidal maniac, intent on trapping he and her there for all eternity...and whoever else decided to show up. There was really no telling how many guests were on the list for this dinner party, but if he could get out alive by sunrise either tomorrow or the day after, he would count his blessings.

Out of habit, he let his eyes roam over Audry's body. Damn, she had really grown up since the last time he'd seen her. "Audry Nottingham? Damn, I didn't expect to see you here. Long time no see." And it had been a long time. The last time he'd seen her was back in high school at his senior prom. At one time they had been sweethearts, and had been together for almost two years, but when the time came for him to go off to college to become a doctor, or try to get a record deal and become a rock star, he had made a decision that infuriated her, so much so that she broke up with him because of it. She had expected to see him behind a guitar, on stage, performing in front of millions of adoring fans, and be his road girlfriend, but he wanted to make his asshole of a father eat his words. "You'll never amount to anything in life, Andrew." His father, Frank, had told him back in high school, having to come home and discipline him in his own abusive way, after he'd been caught ditching classes, smoking in the boys bathroom, or ended up in detention. This was the reason why he'd gone off to med school to become a doctor. There was no way in hell he was going to end up a low life working at a gas station like his old man. And now, he was proud of the man he had become.

Perching himself on the edge of the hood of his car, he crossed his arms comfortably over his chest, glancing from Audry's car to her, somewhat surprised that she'd be driving a masculine truck such as that. He never had her pegged as a truck type. Mercedes? Yes. But not a truck. Maybe it was her boyfriend's, fiance's, or husband. To be honest, he didn't really care. They were over. They had been over a long time ago, and he wasn't about to dredge up old memories of the past. Unfortunately, if he was going to be trapped in that mansion with her for a day or two, the past might come back to bite him in the more ways than one. "Nice car," he said sarcastically. "Let me guess. Boyfriend's?"

The End

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