Remember.. Curiousity Killed The Cat.Mature

Audry Nottingham, noticed the road had no street lights, as she drove along the back road, all she could see was the black silhouette of the surrounding trees against the night sky that hide the full moon and all its glory. It was dead silent except for the occasional rush of wind whistling through the trees. She strained her eyes to see more clearly, but it was no use. All that could be seen was darkness ahead of the headlights. She sighed in relief when she saw the road coming to an end. As she pulled up she noticed she was not alone. Leaning against his car, was none other than Andrew Barnett. Audry grimaced at the thought of being here with him, if it wasn't for the money she would leave in a heart beat. Money was her main priority she loved it, she was very greedy and she would do anything to have it. Anything at all. Cautiously she stepped out of her '08 Canyon GMC, she notice a slight smirk plastured across his face. Ignoring him she walked on ahead to get a better view of the place. An eerie feeling flooded her viens like ice, as she noticed a figure in the door way. It was just standing there no movement, she tore her gaze away as her eyes scanned the house.

The mansion was run down, it was dark, the musky smell of abandonment consumed the air. The place looked nothing like the picture on the invitation, she would bet her money it was taken when the place was first built. There was no way she made a mistake and took the wrong turn. She was better than that, she wouldn't doubt if Andrew made the wrong turn. She always thought she was better than him anyways. Soon after more cars started to pile in, she definitely made no mistake.

Glancing that the others, she once more turned her attention to the crumbled up paper in her hand. Curiousity struck as she re-read the invitation, danger, mystery, and intriguing twists. What did Master Bane have in store for us?

The End

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