Hope is Non-existent

Just a result of my depression (and a few heated words with a close friend)

I may not be a person who has seen much of life, one with much to tell you; capable of guidance and advice. But there are a few things my 14 year stint with life has taught me.

The main thing I have learnt, is that there is no positive emotion as hope. Any hope you might see, any wishes that seem to be fulfilled, are mere illusions; remember that. Life is like a flame; it may be fun to play with, to experiment, but eventually, it will burn you down and scar you for life.

I was a person who thought the best of people. Yes, they seem to misjudge me, but after all, they are my fellow humans, I thought. I thought the time I gave to them, the efforts I put, would be reciprocated. I could not have been more mistaken. Sometimes I feel that if I hadn’t tried so hard in the first place, I would not have come out so badly shaken.

Yes, sometimes dreams are fulfilled. But life knows how to bring all of it crumbling down at your feet, at the exact moment when it will hurt the most. Life is a dangerous game of Russian roulette. The only difference is that here, one in a million emerges as a winner. Why take a chance?  Do not put too much into your life, never take the risk of having hope, for it will give nothing in return, and you will end up disappointed.

The End

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