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Walking through the dark walls of the Underworld, Andromeda cursed worse than the Ferryman, she knew that to be the daughter of the Gods she'd never see the mortal world, but did she have to stay in the dark, depressing land of the dead? Yeah, it was fun to watch the tormented souls in Tartarus and the Elysian Fields were good when she wanted to feel all warm inside but she wanted to see Mount Olympus, she wanted to see the Grandmother and the other Gods and Goddesses. She wanted to be like her mother and be able to be a part of both worlds, and yet she wasn't, she was only to go where her father permitted and that was the underworld, the place he ruled. 

Turning a corner she wasn't surprised to see Cerberus sleeping, all three of it's heads snoring away, what she was surprised to see was her twin brother, Loki, turning the dogs fur different colors. As the God of Mischief and Mayhem he liked to keep their father on his toes, with a sigh she walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder, grinning as he jumped and screamed like a little girl. 

"Andromeda! What are you doing?" He asked, blue eyes narrowing as he pulled her away from the waking dog, although they were the beasts masters it still only listened fully to Hades. 

"I could ask you the same thing. I thought Father was taking you to Olympus for that silly ball, meeting, thing, and to get mum back from her 6 month trip?" She refused to allow the jealousy to come through in her voice, as the youngest she really didn't have a say even if she was 18 and old enough to be her own person. 

"He's dealing with those three hags. Y'know the one with that eye. Seems they ended to life of someone they shouldn't have and he's having to deal with all the paperwork, so glad I don't have to take over when Father wants to go on another honeymoon with Mother. Who knew being in the business of dead souls you'd have paperwork." Loki sighed, flicking his blonde hair over his shoulder before he turned back to his baby sister, at 21 he knew when she didn't feel happy, "What's wrong with you?" 

Andromeda scowled before walking off towards the room that The Fate's would be in, Loki heard a growl from behind him and followed his sister through the maze of the Underworld until they could both hear the deep voice of their Father. Entering the room they stepped carefully over the thread's of life and looked in amusement as three old women cowered in a corner. A tall man with long black hair and blue eyes was calmly but firmly telling them off as he paced a path in the floor, Andromeda smirked before clearing her throat, Hades spun around ready to give the person who interrupted his tirade a good tongue lashing before grinning. 

"Andromeda! Loki! What are you doing here?" He asked treading on the many threads as he came to pull his children into a hug, the three Fate's winced before carefully going back to their work of observing the many life threads, their one eye moving rapidly between the three of them. 

"Father you are late for that ball on Mount Olympus. You know how Mother gets when you are late and uncle Zeus will zap you again if you arrive late once again." Andromeda replied, stepping to the side so Loki was caught in a hug first, they really were much too old for the mans hugs. Hades paused and looked at his daughter with a frown, she was completely right as always and the thought of Zeus' thunder bolts made him shudder. 

"Will you be okay here alone for a few hours? I can always say I cannot stay for long?" He spoke softly and was shocked when his daughter glared at him. 

"You will go up there and have that meeting during the ball or else." She spoke coldly as her green eyes turned an ice blue and her black hair became a silver blonde, the room became colder as the Lord of the Underworld nodded and dragged his son out of the room. With a sigh her appearance returned to normal and she left the Fate's to their work, feeling the portal to Mount Olympus open she sighed once more and decided to go and find the Ferryman. He was the best person to go to when she was feeling depressed. 

The End

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