An Exercise in Ververology

arglepluff: a sweet, bluish fruit of the drupe family which is a genetically engineered combination of the plum, grape, blueberry, blackberry, and banana

balliclavorous: insufferably loud

cretorpic: relating to spiky, saltwater crustaceans typically residing in urpdoms

defabricate: to unmake through large scale unproduction

erronify: to blunder

fibratorque: the feeling that one's entrails are squirming

gesticaceous: tasty

hazardium: a term encompassing any dangerous or toxic chemical element

iggle: to annoy

jumbledom: assorted clutter

kriggish: excessively warlike

luctisonous: sad-sounding or melancholy

melisectary: of or pertaining to the sensation of something being better the second time than the first

norb: an awkward or clumsy person

opusculator: someone who does very little work but tries to pass it off as more

polymazerous: made up of many smaller parts

quilch: to gulp in a loud or exaggerated way

rictitious: shaky

sekera: a Slovakian ax

tryblic: bowl-shaped

urpdom: any hypothetical, subaquatic arctic region 

ververology: the study of inventing made-up words

wyth: a humorous or erroneous archaic spelling of with

xiphic: characterized by having a long, sharp nose

yemph: to speak while one's mouth is full

zothecule: a microscopic hole

The End

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