Spook's Extended Vocabulary List

Angsters: Particularly grouchy teenagers.

Blargh: Something that causes mental distress, particularly in writers.

Boobfluff: A big mistake.

Cuddlismooches: Particularly soppy moments in films and books.

Doodliwhatsit: An artist's impression of something that doesn't quite go according to plan.

Duurenching: The complete and utter soaking that occurs when one attempts to give small children/pets a bath.

Effitallisamess: A task too hard to complete, even with a computer.

Floppyskum: Someone or something that lies about all day doing nothing productive.

Grudggy: A grandmother (usually maternal) who does not like her grandchildren.

Heebijeebwilliewoofter: Someone who freaks out over nothing at all.

Infinitessimal: An animal of infinite wisdom.

Jooby: An unintelligent workman

Klubulb: A pub or club where half the lights on the neon sign don't work.

Leeemonz! French people who yell a lot.

Molimountain: Something that is both a mountain and a molehill at the same time.

Narfnarfnarf: The act of eating one's food like a wild animal.

Oopsisplatt: Falling over in a particularly humorous manner.

Perfert: Someone who is too nice for their own good.

Quizzilurze: A curious sort of lover.

Rrrrumbah! Someone who thinks they can dance.... but really can't.

Spiderbugs: Insects that somehow resemble bugs and spiders at the same time.

Trump:  Someone who thinks they can always do better than you.

Uraprat: A very cynical person.

Vengewifabang: Getting revenge in a highly satisfying way.

Wafflinonanonanon:  Someone who talks for a very long time.

Xenolibercongolibasteriadaphobia: Fear of scary and/or grouchy librarians.

Zippinon: Something observed out of the corner of an eye.

The End

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