Home Grown Words: Story Extension

Come write a story using all the words from one of the lists of made-up words over in "Home Grown Words". Your story/poem can be funny and ridiculous, magical, dark, or even scary, if you want.

The list of 26 made up words I used in my story: http://www.protagonize.com/exercise/home-grown-words  You'll probably want to read this list first, or maybe have it open in another window.


Maggie backed into the elevator, her extreme case of cameosa causing her to snap a ridiculous picture of a crinkly-skinned old female lengthrotress’s very long hair and very knobby elbow. Looking up briefly from her camera, she spotted a cute guy whom she felned so that she could say ‘sorry’ and bat her eyes. She proceeded to have an awkward interlator with him. By the time she got off the crowed elevator she was feeling very jwift.

Maggie left her hotel, still flashing her camera about. She took a picture of a skinny man who noticed her doing so and became very angry. Maggie spotted him at once for a terrible veast, for although his face was OK, that angry look made him terribly ugly. And as he yelled in her face, she realized that he also clearly orsonated, because his breath was simply awful. In order to pacify him, Maggie unticulated and smiled a lot and made apologetic nodding motions. She decided condescendingly, that the stranger must be stuck in yesterday’s problems and went on her way.

Soon she came to the outdoor marketplace she had been heading for. After triffling through the expensive jewelry stands, she took a picture of a crate of oranges, and then bought one. She slowly and meticulously peeled the orange as she moseyed along. When she reached the end, she bent over to tuck the klim in her shoe for good luck, and as she did so, somebody astwinged the orange!

Furious, she dashed after the thief. She followed his black baseball hat down the crowded street, bumping into people and tripping on curbs. Finally the stranger stopped and she grabbed him by the sleeve.

“Give,” pant “me” pant “back” pant “my orange!” she panted.

He gave her this shocked and surprised look and she realized that she must have chased the wrong person. Embarrassed hianatiously, she apologized profusely and backed away. Unfortunately, she backed into a man selling tickets for something, which caused him to drop all his tickets and his change.

“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed

“I’m so sorry!” said the man at the same time, leaning to pick them up.

“Here,” she said, picking up some coins.

“Here!” said the man at the same time, as he grabbed a ticket that was starting to blow away in the wind.

Maggie had met a replator and after about two minutes of it, she was terribly annoyed. When the man finally had all his tickets and coins gathered up, Maggie hurried on her way. She was beginning to feel very sork, even though it was still only morning. So she stopped for an ice cream cone, which was yemst, but gave her estofia. She also got some down the front of her shirt, as the hot sun melted the creamy substance.

Maggie then saw the signs for a museum, and decided to go in, hoping it would be nice and cool inside. The security guard at the door gave her one look and questrined her. Furiously, she went and bought a wig and a bright coloured dress at a thrift store, and returned to the museum, determined to get in. But to the security guard, the wacky dress and fake wig were nansum and he questrined her again.

She went off in a huff and eventually found a museum that would let her in. This one was decorated like the interior of a 1930s home and was full of those dummies dressed in historical clothing. There, she met an old high school friend who had always been a good for nothing getemry. Maggie’s feelings toward her friend were dwistent, but by the old aquantence left the museum, Maggie was downright upset at the getemry and at her own inadequacies. She was also frustrated because the memory card on her camera was full. Her emotions bubbled and broiled until they burst out and she began pounding the back of one of the museum dummies in a way very similar a pulmanate move. This act of anger set off an unfortunate chain of events when the teacup the dummy had been holding dropped to the ground and broke into four pieces. Frightened, Maggie tried to find somewhere to hide the broken cup, and, because she could not xyling the fragments, tried to begween them into a gaudy yellow toaster that sat on the counter.

A very cute young man happened to enter the room at that moment. And that was where Maggie’s unfortunate day began to become less unfortunate. The young man found her to be quite funny and pleasant, and, once he had heard her story, helped her hide the teacup. He then spent the rest of the day with her, and began that night to write both a story and a song about her. He was a hopeless werg, but it was the thought that counted. And besides, Maggie was very happy to become a meloneese, even if the song was awful and out of tune.

The two were married a few weeks later, and Maggie took many more awful pictures on their honeymoon and both took up the hobby of zellenography.

The End

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