Home Grown Words

Come make up some words! Or, if you're looking for a good made up word: this is the place to look.



astwinge: to take something right out of someone’s hands

begween: to force into alignment, or to force into a new, proper place

cameosa: addiction to taking pictures

dwistent: a state in which one’s opinions are undulating between positive and negative

estofia: to have one’s tongue frozen from licking ice cream

feln: to intentionally bump into someone.

getemry: someone who is good at everything.

hianatious: something that is located higher than normal

interlator: a conversation with a stranger while on an elevator

jwift: to feel alone while in a crowd

klim: the last bit of peel removed from a fruit

lengthrotress: a person who is defined by the length of their hair

meloneese: a person who is the subject of a song

nansum: quantities that cannot be added together

orstonate: to consistently forget to brush your teeth

pulmanate: a chaotic pounding movement used by amateur back massagers

questrine: to refuse someone entrance on account of their appearance

replator: someone who repeats everything someone else says, simultaneous with the original speaker

sork: worn out

triffle: to browse idly through wares without any intention of purchasing

unticulate: to intentionally speak unintelligibly

veast: to be ugly outside because of internal badness

werg: someone who thinks they are very good at writing but are in fact very bad at it

xyling: changing something into nothing

yemst: something that tastes so good it is beyond describing

zellenography: the study of tree silhouettes




To read a ridiculous story about Maggie and her bad-to-good day, which uses all of the above words, go here: http://www.protagonize.com/exercise/home-grown-words-story-extension

The End

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