A first person roleplay fanfiction.
Sherlock: Me
Watson: Kurai
Irene Adler: Kurai
If you want an OC tell me first!!!


Chapter one


There was no blood on the scene, but a syringe once filled with the liquid metal mercury. The victim was married, but the wedding and engagement ring appears rarely washed, and the interior of the ring is much cleaner than the exterior, suggesting regular removal. There is one puncture wound locat-

A pair of hands cover my eyes

“Guess who?”

“I know who you are, what do you want?”

“I have a little game for you.”

“I don‘t like or want to play games.”

“I knew you were going to say that.”

“It‘s good to be predictable.”

“Yes, that is why I set a prize. If you win you stay alive, if you lose, well you die, so does Watson and anyone you are seen with for two weeks.”

“How do you play? And how do you who I’m with?”

“I’ll let you find out yourself.”

Moriarty gets up, and walks to the door. His words echo in my mind,

“What could that mean?”

“Sherlock? Is that you?”

“Who else would it be?”

“Ha, Ha”

“Watson, I can hear your sarcasm from here. It really isn‘t working for you.”

“Oh yes, thank you for asking about my day.”

“Fine. How was your day Watson?”

Watson’s eyes light up at the thought of a conversation with me which didn’t involve an autopsy report.

“I got another case.”

“Great, a brief if you don’t mind Watson.”

“The victim is female, thirty five, and was found in a remote field in the middle of nowhere.”

“Your going to need to be a tad more specific than that Watson.”

“It really is the middle the of nowhere! Drive one hour and twenty minutes east and you will see nothing but grass.”

So we drove for one hour, twenty minutes and an additional twenty seven seconds, Watson was right! Among the long, dry grass there are several meters of police tape, such a familiar sight to me, but to any other person it would be shocking. Alien. One the detectives walk towards me.

“Sherlock, it‘s great to finally meet you, and, Watson isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Watson replies.

“Well have we got a case for you. Do you need a brief?”

“No. Watson gave me a brief earlier, but I would like an update if any.” I continue “Also you forgot to introduce yourself.”

“I’m Detective Polar.”

“Where’s your wedding ring” I ask.

“Beg your pardon?”

“You wedding finger has a tan mark, suggesting removal. Divorce or affair?”

“This really isn’t relevant.”

“Sherlock,it really isn’t relevant.” Watson intervenes.


“Polar, who are these two amat-.”

“We are private detectives. And we have been invited by the council.”

“Anyway, where’s the body?” I enquire.

“It’s in the white tent over to the left.” says Polar.

“Thank you.”

Inside the tent lies the dead, mangled body of the unfortunate victim, her face is as pale as the white sheet that covers her corpse, Her eyes are misty, distant. Three incisions, exactly same in width and length run down her arms. Her honey blond hair is matted with dried blood.”

“Found by a twelve year old boy on his paper round” Polar tells me.

“Have you found the weapon?” I question

“No, but we have found a silver locket.”

The End

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