Annie: Need a breakMature

"Jake.... can you get me something to eat?" I mutter.

"Of corse, honey" He mutters kissing my head. I nod and he puts Lilianna in my arms before moving out of the room.

Instantly I pull out my phone and speed dial Rosalita. She answers first ring. "Hello Annie. Jake letting you call me?" She mutters

I wince. "I sent him to get me some food... the doctors say I can go any time I want.... can you pick me up before Jake gets back" I whisper quickly.

First there is silence then slowly Rosalita speaks. "..... I suppose so. I'm not far away"

"Good... I'll meet you down by the exit" I say then snap the phone shut. I move as quickly as I can without sight. Finding Lilianna's carrier and my bag. Then I grab the stick the doctors gave me.

Okay. So I've been here three days and now I'm excaping.... from my fiance??? How did that happen?

I make it to the elevator no problem and down the foyer easily. "Oh, sorry mam" A voice says.

"Its okay" I mutter letting my head fall. Lilianna laughs and I smile... Hopefully I'm looking at her.

"Annie!" Rosalita's voice calls. Then I feel her hand on my shoulder. "I'll take Lilianna... hold my hand I'll lead you"

I nod and pass her the carrier and take her free hand. She leads me to the car and we get in. "Your old place.... Helena's not still there right?"

"No, she left... Annie? Why you avoiding Jake?" She asks.

"I need space" I mutter. Silence decends and it continues till Lilianna is asleep in a makeshift bed.

I sit on the sofa and Rosalita sits next to me. I find her and settle down lying my head on her lap. Then I reach up to touch her face. "Why did you run away?"

The End

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