Hadley: Coffee and PizzaMature

Maxxie was asleep within minutes and I can’t say I blamed him. Would you after what he’d been through? What I essentially put him through. I lay there for a few hours desperately trying not to replay what had happened in my head. And failing miserably. Without realising it, I’d snaked my hand up to play with his hair.

He blinked and groaned slightly, shifting in my arms a little.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" I asked, feeling a little guiltier.

"No. You okay?"

"Yeah, I just can't sleep"

He gave me a concerned look but I just leant over and pecked him on the lips.

"Don't worry. Go back to sleep"

He snuggled up against me again and I kept playing with his hair, kissing his forehead as he hummed slightly.

"Love you" he mumbled quietly. I barely heard it.

I smiled. "I love you too"

He hummed and smiled back, already starting to fall asleep again. I hugged him a little tighter and soon enough he was asleep. I wish it was that easy for me. I lay awake thinking of the various ways I could’ve prevented all this. And before I knew it, it was morning.


"Wake up, sleepy head" I said softly, the sunlight streaming in through the window. He moaned and I kissed his forehead."Wake up"

"Why?" he groaned.

"Because it's morning"

"I want a lie in"

"I thought you wanted to hospitalise Alex"

"Yeah, that was last night"

"What changed your mind?"

"The fact I'm tired"

"Poor baby"

"So sympathetic" he said, scowling slightly.

"I'm hungry"

With a sigh, he got up and changed his sweats for a pair of jeans. "C'mon then"

In boxers and a t-shirt? I don’t think so. I shuffled over to the dresser and pulled out the first thing on the pile, which happened to be a pair of boardshorts, and yawned as I pulled them on.

Maxxie tok my hand as we walked out of the room. "You didn't sleep, did you?"

I shook my head.


"For what?" It’s not like he kept me awake.

He frowned like it was obvious. "It's my fault" he shrugged, "where d'you wanna eat?"

"How's it your fault? And I don't know, the pizza place maybe?"

"I told you last night" he said and started walking in the direction of the pizza place.

I stopped him and put a hand on either side of his face, making him look at me. "Hey, listen, none of this is your fault, okay?"

He looked doubtfully at me.

"Maxxie, don't you dare start blaming yourself"

"So you didn't lie awake finding ways to blame yourself?"

"That's not the point"

He frowned. "You're not to blame for what happened, okay? Neither of us are. So let's just eat, yeah?"


He pecked me on the lips. "I have you back, and that's all that matters"

I smiled and kissed him, humming as he kissed me back. He smiled and took my hand. I squeezed it and we set off for the pizza place again. I yawned again, starting to get tired all of a sudden.


I stifled another yawn. "Pizza"

"Fuck pizza, you need coffee. But next time, I suggest sleep" he smiled.

"I don't want coffee, I want pizza" I moaned and he rolled his eyes. "What?"

"Stubborn, aren't you. Pizza, then coffee?"

I sighed. "Fine"

He kissed me on the cheek and we walked into the pizza place.

"Do they even serve pizza this early?" I mumbled to myself.

"We're in America. I'd be worried if they    didn't    ."

"I should be insulted by that"

"Maybe, but you're from Australia, not America... so it's not you I'm insulting"

"What's this accent?"

"Half and half, as far as I can tell."

"Lies, that's Cayden"

"Okay, so yours is more American, but you came here younger than him" he shrugged.

"Mine's    a lot     more American. And you can't ignore the American citizenship"

"Well I've got American citizenship" he said with a smile, "doesn't make me any less English. Unfortunately"

"You have the accent to back it up, though"


"What's wrong with it?"

"Ever been to the UK?"

I shook my head. I’ve been to Australia and that’s it.

"Good. Don't bother, it's a waste of space"

"Wow, your patriotism is unmatchable"

He smiled slightly at that.

"I don't know what I want now"

"What did you want when you decided we should come here?"


"You didn't decide which one?" he asked incredulously. People decided before they get there?

"My brain just said pizza"

"I'm gonna get barbeque chicken. We can just share that if you want?"

I nodded, not so hungry all of a sudden. I was still hungry but I didn’t feel like eating much. Either way we sat in one of the booths and Maxxie ordered once the waitress came over, looking as tired as I felt. The mere sight of her made me yawn again.

"Don't fall asleep on your pizza"

I gave him a tired smile. All my ‘yay, it’s morning’ had vanished in the space of about ten minutes. "I won't, I'll use you as a pillow instead"

"Mmm, okay."

I leant on him and he put an arm around me. "I don't know if I can wait for pizza"

"I told you we should get coffee first"

"Don't they serve coffee here?"

"If they do, it'll be shit"

I kind of shrugged and snuggled up to Maxxie.

"Okay, well I'll get you some shit coffee here and get myself some nice coffee on the way back" he kind of laughed.

"Works for me"

He ordered me a coffee and I started falling asleep. He prodded me gently and I groaned. You’re not supposed to wake your boyfriend up when he’s falling asleep.

"Your coffee's here, gorgeous" he said, pushing it towards me.

I sat up and took a sip. "Coffee doesn't work today"

He smiled. "Give it a chance"

I whined. He apparently decided the best way to shut me up was to kiss me. I kissed back. After being away from him, none of this felt weird anymore.

"At least stay awake long enough to eat something. I don't suppose you got much to eat the last couple days"

"I wasn't hungry anyway"

"So? You're still supposed to eat" he sighed, "when you wake up a bit, I'm gonna take you to the doctor"

"Mmm" I had no idea what I was agreeing to, I was half asleep.

He prodded me again. "C'mon Hads. The pizza'll be here in a sec"

"I'm trying"

"I know" he kissed my forehead.

I hummed and drank some more coffee. It wasn’t really helping.

He looked up as the waitress came back over. "Pizza's here" He picked up a slice and sort of nibbled at it.

I grabbed a slice and started picking at it. Maxxie, vigilant as ever, glanced over at me with concern etched on his face.

"I can't remember if I like this or not" I said simply.

"If you don't eat    some    thing, you're gonna waste away"

I took a bite out of it just to keep him happy and watched as he kept nibbling at his. Oh no, buddy, you’re eating this too.

"I could say the same to you, mister"

"I'm never hungry in the mornings" he shrugged, "can't say that even I've eaten pizza for breakfast before" he stopped to think, "oh wait, no. I have"

"Why'd you agree to come out here then?" I asked, taking another bite.

"'Cause I'd rather buy separate breakfasts if it means you actually eat something"

"You make me sound anorexic or something"

"You eat like one" he said, smiling slightly, "beats me how you're not so skinny"

"I'm just awesome"

"I know" he said with a smile and kissed me.

I kissed back and glanced at my half eaten slice of pizza.

"Eat up" he said and went back to his nibbling.

I took another bite and chugged back some more coffee, earning a smile from Maxxie. I went to take another bite. "What?"

He shook his head. "Nothing”

I blushed a little. "No, what?"

He shrugged. "I'm keeping barbecue chicken in mind for next time you're being picky"

"Or just pizza in general"

He nodded. "Not Chinese, like Caleb said" he said, smiling slightly.

"I knew it"

"What? I'm not telepathic"

I flashed him a wry smile. "It's cheating"

"You mean you wouldn't ask Alex what I liked best before taking me somewhere?" he smirked.

"Nope, I'd take you somewhere I know is nice. Like here"

"But if you already knew I was a picky eater?"

"I'd just hope for the best"

"Okay, well next time, I won't cheat"

I smiled and kissed him, humming as he kissed back with a smile. I leant on him again and he put his arm back around me.

"I'm still tired" I mumbled.

"Well, have another slice and we'll go, how's that?"

"Mmm, okay"

He pushed the pizza towards me. I picked up another slice and stared blankly at it til Maxxie kissed me on the cheek.


"I'll eat one if you do" he laughed slightly.

"Go for it"

He picked up a slice and looked at me expectantly.

"Nuh uh, you go first"

He took a bite and I smiled, nibbling at my own. He gave me another expectant look. I stared at the slice of pizza in front of me and reluctantly took a bite. Maxxie took another chunk out of his.

"I don't want any more" I whined.

"C'mon, Hads. One slice of pizza isn't enough"

I sighed. There was no way my stomach was letting more food into it.

"I think I might up your rent from a kiss to eating food" he said, half smiling and I pouted.

"I do eat"

"Eating more"

"I can't help it if I'm not hungry"

"It's this or me dragging you to the doctors"

"I get the feeling you're dragging me there anyway"

"Clearly I need to get back into acting. I seem to be doing a shoddy job of it recently"

I cuddled him like he was a teddybear. "It's good enough for me"

He put down his pizza and hugged me back. "Only because you can see right through it"

Okay, there’s a downside to Maxxie being so warm. Cuddling up to him makes me want to fall straight to sleep. I felt something warm on my cheek.

"C'mon. Time to go. You can hardly go to sleep in a pizzeria"

I giggled, watching as he left some money on the table then pulled me up out of my seat.

"My legs don't work, you'll have to carry me" I said sleepily.

He laughed and carried me out of the pizza place bridal style, calling Alex to come get us. I kissed his neck, on the verge of falling asleep and I think he kissed me back. Either way, hurry up Alex, I don’t want to fall asleep on the street.

The End

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