Hadley: Sleep With MeMature

Okay, so picture this. I’m in a basement. My hands are tied up and handcuffed to a chair. My feet also happen to be tied up. I kind of happen to be in my boxers and I’m crying because I want Maxxie. Must look pretty pathetic, right? John evidently thought so. I wasn’t so fucking pathetic when I bit him though, was I? The bastard just shrugged it off and got a band-aid.

Now we were just playing the waiting game. John was certain that Maxxie wouldn’t call the cops. And that even if he did, he was so drunk they’d just think it was a prank call. No, he was convinced Maxxie would come here. I tried convincing him otherwise but he just stuck a piece of tape over my mouth. And sure enough, just a little while later, Maxxie appeared.

“Nice of you to join us” John said from the bed.

"Care to explain why you have my boyfriend tied up?"


"...What for?"

John smiled. That smile that makes you worry about your own safety. "That's too easy"

"Thought it might be. You remember what Alex did to Cay, don't you?"

"Vaguely" Vaguely? How do you vaguely remember that?

"I'm sure he'd be happy to refresh your memory" Maxxie said, keeping his hands in his pockets. Did he have something?

John just kept on smiling and hummed a little.

"So when do I get to find out what Hadley's your leverage for?”

"All in good time" he said, getting up and ambling over to me.

Maxxie watched him warily and John smiled again, kissing my cheek. Maxxie gritted his teeth and John laughed a little, running a finger up my chest. I tried not to squirm. Just like Maxxie was trying not to let it provoke him.

"See, me and sweetness have been having a lovely time together, haven't we sweetness?" he tilted my head so I was nodding, "What could you possibly have to offer me in place of that?"

"Doesn't look like it's been much of a lovely time to me. And... I don't know. Depends what you want in place of that"

He grinned and kissed my cheek again. Maxxie shifted uncomfortably.

"What made you switch to sweetness, then?"

"Well, he doesn't seem the type to abandon me for an ex in the blink of an eye" Maxxie said irritably.

"Mmm, Cayden's not exactly reliable"

Maxxie didn’t say anything. John just hummed and played with the waistband of my boxers. I hid the shiver of disgust that licked up my spine and a muscle in Maxxie’s jaw jumped.

John giggled. "You know what I want in return for Hadley?"

"Enlighten me."

"Sleep with me"

Maxxie froze. John just gave him this expectant look.

"I-I-" he stopped to think about it, biting his lip.

"I didn't split you and Cayden up because I wanted him..."

He tried to hide a look of disgust. He just about got away with it. "You let Hadley go first"

John shook his head. He’s not that stupid, Maxxie. Just go, I can get out of this on my own.

"Let him go first, or I swear to god, you'll never be able to get out of this basement again"

John shook his head again. "Hadley has to watch"

Maxxie couldn’t hide the look of disgust that time. "Why?"

"Because he does. I know he's thought about it"

"Oh, yeah, I'm sure he's thought about his boyfriend being raped plenty of times"

John giggled. "Who said I was gonna rape you?"

"Same difference when it comes down to you"

John looked offended. "I could always have my way with Hadley instead..."

Maxxie shook his head. "I'll do it if you let Hadley go first, John"

"He has to watch, Maxxie. You know you want him to"

Maxxie tried not to look uncomfortable as he walked over to John and kissed him. "Please, John" he murmured.

John slipped his arms round his waist. "Just think about it. You know you want him to see what you can do, how good you can make him feel"

"When he's ready for it. I don't want it forced on him" Maxxie said, forcing himself to stay there. At least, I hope he was forcing himself to.

John giggled again. "Well aren't you just adorable"

"So I've been told. C'mon, John. Let him go"

"You know my conditions, Maxxie"

"I'd be a whole lot more willing if we went along with mine”

John giggled a little. "You think I can't tell you're lying?"

"I need to brush up on my acting skills, clearly..." Maxxie glanced at me apologetically. What are you doing? Just go.

John started pulling him towards the bed but he struggled slightly.

"Don't struggle" John said softly.

"D'you do this often, John?" Maxxie asked bitterly, dragging his heels.

John kissed his neck. "Just relax"

Maxxie went completely limp. Had he fainted or something?

"Now that's just being stupid" John said.

"I used to do it as a kid. Not working for you?"

"Not really when you're the one s'posed to fuck me"

Maxxie laughed. "And how's that supposed to work when I'm not even willing?"

"Don't you love Hadley?"

"Yeah, that's why I don't want to fuck you, stupid"

"You'd do it if you loved him"

"Good one. I love him, but I don't think it's gonna help me get a boner when I'm clearly not comfortable with this, do you?"

He whispered something in Maxxie’s ear that made his jaw clench. John kissed him. And when Maxxie didn’t kiss back, he just kissed harder. Maxxie kind of froze up.



"Is it really so hard? You just have to do this one little thing and Hadley's all yours"

"Now there's a stupid question if ever I heard one" he scowled slightly, "I kind of regret sobering up, now."

John clenched his jaw. Maxxie glanced back at me uncertainly.

“Sorry” he whispered before kissing John.

John kissed back and Maxxie reluctantly kissed him harder as John pulled him over to the bed. He tugged at Maxxie’s shirt. Maxxie let him pull it off and I let out the sniffle I’d been holding back. Maxxie glanced back at me sadly as John stripped Maxxie and himself. Maxxie tried to hide a grimace as he went down on John. John laughed a little but Maxxie clamped a hand over his mouth and kept on going. I sniffled again and Maxxie came up for a moment.

I love you, Hads" he muttered with that sad face which is normally adorable. "M'sorry"

John moaned a little and kissed Maxxie, who went back down on him. After a while, John pulled Maxxie up for another kiss then flipped him over and fucked him. Right there in front of me. Maxxie just shut his eyes and waited for it to be over while I felt tears tugging at my eyes again.

John grinned once he was done. "Key for the handcuffs is over there somewhere" he pointed.

Maxxie scrambled up to put his boxers on before finding the key and untying me. I hugged him, more for him than for me and he hugged back.

"Sorry" he mumbled.

I sniffed again. "You should've just left"

"Not without you. C'mon" he said, grabbing his clothes.

I looked around for my t-shirt. I’m sorry, I didn’t fancy walking around the neighbourhood in just my boxers. Maxxie gave me his instead.

"Let's just go"

I nodded and sniffed again as he took my hand. I squeezed it and he walked me out of the house.

"Where now?" I asked quietly.

He looked around. "Umm... the motel. I need a shower."


He didn’t say anything and I sniffled again. Oh stop feeling sorry for yourself, Hadley. He tied you to a chair, so what? Grow a pair, man. Maxxie squeezed my hand and I smiled up at him a little. He sort of smiled back but it didn’t make me feel any better. This was all my fault.

The End

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