Hadley: SmashMature

I nodded then remembered he couldn’t see. "Of course I will"

"I think I might just love you"

"I think I might just love you too" Well done, Hadley, all this kidnapping business has turned you into a hormonal teenage girl.

"Mmm" I could tell from that that he’d turned into smiley happy Maxxie.

I sniffled again. "That's made me miss you more now. I feel like a girl"

"Nono! I didn't mean to upset you"

"You haven't upset me you dork" I laughed a little and he whine, earning a giggle from me. "Stop whining"

"No" he said and whined some more.

"I won't love you anymore"

"That's harsh"

"I can be harsh when I want"

"You're s'posed to be nice to your boyfriend" he giggled.

"Are you sure you're up for the Smith temper?"

"Well I managed with Cayden didn't I? Kinda"

"We have different ways of reacting"

"Such as...?"

"Well Cayden gets shouty with his fists, Ava just screams at you, and I shout for a while then disappear for a day or two"

"And I'm guessing I'd get more shouting if I tried to find you"

"Nope, you'd get glares and the silent treatment"

"I'll keep it in mind. Anything else I should know?"

"I'm actually a squid"

"I'll, uh... Keep that in mind too" he giggled again, "personally, I thought you were a shark"

"Oh yeah..."

"You can be my shark squid"

"That's fucking weird" I laughed.

"You're fucking weird. You seem to have a sea life fetish"

"I never said they turn me on"

"That's irrelevant"

"Kinda what a fetish involves, though"


I did shush. Because if those weren’t fucking footsteps I don’t know what they were.

"Don't actually shhh"

I stayed shushed though, because the footsteps seemed to be hovering around the trapdoor.


"I have to go"

"Oh. I love you"

"I love you too"

"Come back soon"

"I will"

“Hadley?” John asked as he stepped down into the basement.

I threw the phone onto the bed behind me. "What?"

"What are you doing?"


"Who did you call?"

"I didn't call anyone"

John slapped me for the third time that day. "Who did you fucking call?"

"Hey leave my fucking boyfriend alone! I knew you had him ya fucking creep" Maxxie shouted, just about audible through the phone’s crappy speaker.

"You called    him    ?" John laughed.

"What's so fucking funny?" Maxxie spat.

"Wait and see"

I never heard what Maxxie said to that because John picked up my phone and threw it against the wall.

The End

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