Hadley: Boyfriend...?Mature

He misses Cayden? After everything that bastard’s done to him? I glanced up at the trapdoor in the ceiling before speaking again. I could’ve sworn I heard footsteps just now.

“He’s in the hospital, remember? Alex broke his ribs”


"Maxxie, I" I paused, just listening. Seriously, are those footsteps or what? "I'll come see you as soon as I can"

"Why can't you come see me now?"

"Have you seen the time?"

"Can't say I've been looking at it"

I chuckled. "It's past midnight"

"But that shouldn't stop you... Where are you?"

"I told you, I'm at home. Mom's kidnapped my car keys"

"But your dad said you weren't in"

"I am now" No I’m not.

"Oh" I could just picture him pulling this adorable sad face at that.

"So I'll come see you as soon as I get em back, okay?"

"Can't I come see you later?"

"...I need some time to think stuff over"

"Like what stuff?"

I giggled even if it was just to stop myself from crying. "Secret stuff"

"I can keep a secret" he whined.

"Just be patient"

"I don't do patience"

"I noticed"

"I want a hug... Where can I get a hug from?"

"A teddy bear"

"Don't have any of those"

"You suck"

"Only you" he laughed weakly.

"I beg to differ"

"Thought you might"


"I won't be a whore anymore" he sniffled, "I'll try n be more patient for you. If you still want me, that is..."

"Why wouldn't I still want you?"

"I dunno. When people say they're thinking stuff over it's not usually good stuff"

"Well then I'm thinking over good stuff"

He sniffled again and I felt a tear welling up. "'Kay"

I was silent then, listening to the sounds above me. It’s you being paranoid, Hadley…

"You still there?"

"Yeah I'm still here" I said quietly.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I think I woke Mom up"


"Don't sound    too     cheerful"

"I'll be cheerful when I get my hug"

"You and your hug"

"I like hugs" then he mumbled "I like your hugs"

"Everyone seems to like my hugs lately"

"They're nice. I'd go find Alex for a hug but I can't remember if I said I was going to stab him or not"

"You're not exactly in any condition to go finding him either. Stay where you are"

He moaned.

"Maxxie, stay where you are"

"I    am     staying where i am"


"I need a drink" he said and I heard him trying to get up.

I heaved a sigh. You getting another drink isn’t going to help me hear your voice, is it?

"What?" he asked.


By the sounds of things he’d managed to get something else.

"You're gonna regret drinking all that in the morning"

"No, I won't. Never do"

"Well you should"


"It's not good for you"

"No shit. It makes the floor attack you"

I laughed a little. I’d only heard of the floor attacking one other person and that was Cayden.

"Why're you laughing? I'm being serious. The floor has issues with me"

"Maybe it's you that has issues with the floor"

"You're my boyfriend you're s'posed to agree with    me    "

I paused. Boyfriend…?

"Oh, wait" he paused, no doubt replaying something in his head, "my bad, I didn't ask you out yet"

I laughed slightly.

"What're you laughing at now?"

"You being a dork"

"I'm not a dork"

"You're being one"

"I'm not" he said quietly and I giggled.

"It's sweet"

"No it's not I feel stupid now"


"I... Hadley, can't you sneak out?"

I pulled a sad face even though he couldn’t see it. "I can't, I'm sorry"

I heard him sniffle. Way to make me feel guilty there, buddy.

"I'm sorry, Maxxie"


"I should be there" I want to be there.

"Well it's hardly an obligation to look after me because I decided it'd be a good plan to get drunk"

"I never said to look after you"

"Same thing. If you were here you'd end up looking after me anyway"

"At least I could give you that hug"

"Mmm hug would be nice"

I sniffled and practically clapped a hand over my mouth.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I guess I miss you more than I thought I did"

"I miss you too. Get your ass over here as soon as"

"I'll try"

"Maybe then I can actually ask you out. I've been meaning to but i keep fucking it up"


"Did I say that out loud? That bit was meant to stay in my head" he groaned and I laughed. "S'not funny"

"It's kinda funny"

"It's not 'cause now you'll be expecting it" he whined.

"I won't"

"You will" he groaned again and by the way his voice was all muffled I guess he rolled away from the phone, "I’m such an idiot"

"You're my idiot"

"You're not s'posed to agree... Wait" he rolled back over, "   your     idiot?"

I laughed nervously. I hadn’t meant to say that.

"Can we take away the idiot part and stick with just yours?" he asked, giggling slightly.

"Hmm, I suppose so..."



"Will you go out with me?"

The End

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