Maxxie: I miss youMature

I might be a weency bit drunk.

Okay, so I can't walk without stumbling or using something to hold myself up. And I might have shouted at a few strangers who pissed me off.

But really, did you expect anything else?

I sit in a bus shelter, on the floor, groaning and trying to make everything stay where it's supposed to. I kinda fail, but y'know. It was worth a go. My phone buzzes, making me jump. I sort of drag it out of my pocket and drop it on the floor, cursing. I answer, not caring who it is. It could be my mum, for all I care.

"H'lo?" I mumble, somehow managing to get it on loudspeaker.

"Hi," Hadley's quiet voice on the other end says. I lay down next to my phone and giggle. "What?"

"I dunno," I slur, biting back another laugh as I close my eyes.

"Sorry if I woke you up, I know it's kinda late."

"S'okay. I'm not at home anyways."

"You're not?" I shake my head, smiling to myself, completely forgetting he can't see.

"I'm laying in a bus shelter. I might be a bit tipsy." He laughs a little.

"Why exactly?"


"Why might you be a bit tipsy?"

"Because Lex pissed me the fuck off and I didn't want to commit a murder. Getting drunk solved the problem."

"Maxxie," he groans.

"What?" I ask as innocently as I can. He sighs, and I wonder if there's anywhere that will give me enough water to sober up.

"Nothing. Anyway, I was just seeing if you were okay."

"Well, I didn't stab Alex in the face, so that's something," I mutter, "you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good."

"I been looking for you. Where'd you go?"

"Everywhere. I just went for a wander, y'know?" No, I don't know.

"I missed you," I mumble quietly, rolling onto my side, suddenly wishing he was here. I want a hug.

"I missed you too."

"You coming back some time soon?"

"I don't know yet." I'm pretty sure my face contorts into a kicked puppy expression, even though he can't see. "Maxxie?" he asks quietly.

"I'm still here," I sniffle, surprised to find myself more upset that he's not here than I thought.

"Are you okay?"

"Umm..." I try to think. Am I okay? Not really. I open my mouth to answer when a new voice speaks, somewhere above me.

"Hey, you alright there, buddy?" I look up and squint at the stranger.

"I'm fine," I say, answering them both at the same time, "I'm fine."

"Who's that?"

"I dunno," I mumble.

"I'm Eric," stranger says to the phone before looking back at me, "c'mon, I think you should probably be at home."

"He has a point," Hadley agrees and I groan.

"But home is a long way away."

"You shouldn't have gotten so drunk then," Hadley says with a slight laugh. Why's he laughing? I can't walk to London.

"Where is home?" Eric asks, helping me up and grabbing my phone for me.

"London," I mutter, leaning into him. He gives me a surprised look. "What, did the accent not give it away?"

"Maxxie, be realistic."

"Well, where are you staying round here, then?" Oh, why do you care? I was quite happy in my bus shelter.

"Two streets that way," I point vaguely in the direction of my apartment and Eric starts helping me walk that way.

"Make sure he doesn't kill himself on the way there," Hadley says to Eric, who laughs.

"I think you're safe - I'll walk him back to his place. He can barely stand." Piss off, I can stand just fine, thank you very much.


"Hadleyyyyy," I whine, "I want a hug."

"I can't hug you from over here." I know. Get your ass over to mine and give me a hug. Bitch.

"Where are you?" Eric asks, "maybe I can take him there instead?"

"Trust me, he's better off at home." I shake my head, whining.

"Maxxie doesn't seem convinced," Eric says dubiously.

"Well Maxxie can suck it." Nice. Thanks, man.

"Meanie," I mutter, earning a little laugh from Hadley, "left here," I say, walking to the right. He tries to steer me to the left, but I keep pulling him to the right. After a moment, he gives up and walks down the road to the right with me. I let us in and we take the elevator up to my place.

"There. Delivered to his door," Eric says to Hadley, handing me the phone back once I've battled with the stubborn lock.

"Thanks, I owe you," Hadley says and Eric laughs.

"I'll keep it in mind," he jokes, "I'll see you around, Maxxie." I nod and stumble into my apartment, nearly forgetting how to shut the door.

"Hadley," I mumble as I collapse on the sofa bed, "where's Cayden? I miss him, too."


The End

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