Hadley: SweetnessMature

“What do you want, John?” I asked irritably.

“Just a chat, Hadley, that’s all” he said cheerfully.

“I know you. “Just a chat” isn’t just a chat. Especially not after what you did to Caleb”

“Oh? What’s that then?” he asked innocently. Bastard.

“I know you ratted him out, Ocala”

John smiled. It was sickly sweet and actually a little bit worrying. He moved from where he’d been stood in the doorway and moving instead to sit on the edge of the bed. He smiled at me again as he patted the space next to him. I just pulled my feet up and sat cross-legged. Sit next to him? You must be joking. A sad look flashed in his eyes but he covered it with a smile. Something about him smiling is just plain creepy.

“On your brother’s insistence, sweetness. He’s the one in the wrong here, not me” he said casually, turning back to look at me.

“You made him that way” I spat. Before this, if Maxxie dumped Cayden he would’ve just gotten drunk for a couple days then fallen back into his whore routine. He wouldn’t have started taking it out on innocent bystanders.

“All I did was show him a good time. It’s not my fault if Maxxie couldn’t match it. Then again, I guess you’d know all about that” he smirked.

“Actually I wouldn’t so don’t jump to conclusions”

“Oh?” he asked curiously.

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t have said that. But then again, if I’d played along it might’ve made things bad for Maxxie. I mean, what if he did the same as he did to Caleb and told my folks. They wouldn’t be pissed that I’d slept with a guy since they don’t really care who their children fuck. And my age wouldn’t bother them since I’m twenty in a few months. Okay, maybe more than a few but still. They wouldn’t be so pleased that I’d run off with Cayden’s ex.

“What’s the matter, sweetness? Are you scared he’ll be too much for you?” John said sweetly then laughed.

“What’s with calling me ‘sweetness’?”

He shrugged and I rolled my eyes, standing up. I felt that familiar dizziness wash over me but carried on regardless. Can you blame me? John was seriously freaking me out. I made it as far as the door before the dizziness threatened to swallow me and I fell back a little. John pulled my head back by my hair and stared into my eyes.

“I’m not done with you yet, Hadley”

The End

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