Maxxie: Training partnerMature

About an hour later, I hear two familiar voices from where I am on the weights bench. I do a couple more reps and with a sigh of relief, I put the barbell back on its rack and let my arms drop the my sides. Alex walks over with a smirk on his face.

"Having fun there?"

"No," I mutter, "now I remember why I never renewed my membership." Caleb giggles and, while I'm glad he's apparently made up with Alex and back to his usual self, I glare at him, pushing myself up.

"Whatever. Why're you down here? Get your ass up to the boxing ring." Alex smiles and leads Caleb upstairs while I go find a drink and wipe the sweat off my face.


"What're you doing?" I yell, sending Alex flying to the floor for the third time, "what was your last trainer? A monkey?" He lays there, breathing heavily for a moment, eyes closed as he replays what he's done wrong in his head. Caleb leans on one of the ropes, looking at Alex.

"Jeez, you suck." Alex waves a hand at him, frowning.

"That move usually works," he protests, sitting up and I cuff him around the back of the head with one of the pads in my hand.

"It doesn't work if you don't have the element of surprise behind it. So stop trying and find something else."

"You wanna take my place, man? You're more than welcome." I smile slightly. I don't think I'd take his place for anything. Caleb giggles and Alex turns his attention to him. "And you," he says, pointing at the ginger, "you better be there later cheering me the fuck on."

"We'll be cheering you on with a first aid kit in hand at this rate. Get up."

"Good luck with that, I've got a pissed off mom to deal with," Caleb reminds him as he stands up.

"Ah, shit," Alex mutters, throwing a couple of punches at the pads I hold up for him. "You don't live too far from here, do you? We can go see her before the fight, if you want."

"I'm supposed to be there now."

"Can you give us ten more minutes and a shower and then you and Alex can go deal with your mum," I say, backing away from Alex slowly as he tries to corner me.

"I don't care when, she's gonna be as pissed no matter how late home I am."

"Well before the fight is probably better than after," Alex laughs. I cut his laugh short with a weak uppercut as I slip past him.

"He's not so charming when he's covered in blood," I wink. For that, he knocks my feet out from under me and throws me down with a gentle shove to my shoulder. I fall flat on my face, unable to get the pads off in time to stop myself. He throws himself down on me, one knee in my back, the other across my legs as he twists my arms behind me.

"I don't know, he's maybe pretty enough to get away with it," I hear him smirk, but I don't see it as bright spots pop in my eyes and I wail. Laughing, he lets me go.

"You pussy," he says getting off me. I roll over and kick out at his groin.

"He's not pretty," I scowl, "he's an asshole." As Alex offers me a gloved hand to help me up, Caleb rolls his eyes. I slap it away, muttering "asshole" again and push myself up. Chucking the pads in the corner, I climb ungracefully out of the ring, not waiting for Alex. 


The End

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