Hadley: DinerMature

I guess I must’ve fallen asleep at some point because next thing I knew it was the afternoon. That’s not weird at all. Why was I so tired lately? It couldn’t still be the shock from the whole Cayden-John, Caleb-Alex, me-Maxxie thing, could it? I stood up, stretching and stumbling back a little as I felt dizzy again. What was with that as well? I mean, sure I hit my head a couple weeks back climbing a tree with Caleb but that didn’t even bruise.

I searched around for a few minutes for my phone and called Maxxie once I did. I tried him a couple times but each time it just went to voicemail. On the third try I heard a faint buzzing coming from behind me. I rooted through Maxxie’s suitcase and sure enough, there was his phone. What kind of person leaves their phone in their suitcase? I sighed and tried Caleb but again, it just went to voicemail. Okay, something weird’s going on, Caleb always answers his phone. Even if he’s upset or angry or bitchy or whatever, he’s never not answered his phone.

I sighed again and pocketed my phone, catching sight of the ten dollar bill I’d found in some tiny pocket in my backpack. I’d packed my clothes away into the dresser in the motel room a couple days before so I slung my backpack over my shoulder figuring I might as well go scavenging for something to do since everyone seemed intent on ignoring me. I caught sight of Caleb and Alex’s room key in the parking lot and handed it in at the front desk along with mine and Maxxie’s before heading off to the diner I knew was nearby. It wouldn’t hurt to get some breakfast, right?


Okay, I take that back. I sat down in the diner and ordered still 100% hungry and the second my food shows up, any signs of an appetite just disappeared. Maybe Maxxie was right when he said I should see a doctor. That’d mean going back home, though, since Mom still deals with the health insurance. Man, and then if it was something serious she’d just be all worries and freak outs and where would that get me? I tell you where, an early grave. Because her stressing out would stress me out and even I know when you get stressed out you don’t get any better.

I picked at the meal in front of me, attempting to eat at least some of it. After half an hour I’d maybe eaten one thing on the plate and gave up. I stood up to leave and came over all dizzy again. Seriously, not a good time. I shut my eyes and waited til the dizziness passed before setting off on my journey out of the diner again. Which was when I fainted.


I woke up lying on something soft. Wow, maybe someone did actually show up then. They must’ve taken me back to the motel. I cracked my eyes open, feeling more tired than ever and expecting to see Maxxie or Caleb but the décor was too posh to be the motel. Not to mention I was lying on a double bed. A double bed which had a photo of a very familiar two year old next to it.

“Hi, Hadley. We need to have a little talk”

The End

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