Maxxie: nothing.Mature

Fuck. I've gone and fucked everything up. Fucking good move, there, Max.

"Open the fucking door, Caleb!" Alex says, trying very hard not to shout.

"Go away!" I hear Caleb's voice muffled by the door.

"Please, Caleb," Alex groans, banging his head on the wood.

"No, piss off."

"Caleb," I say hesitantly, pushing Alex out of the way, "I'm sorry, Caleb, it was my fault. Please don't punish Alex for something I did."

"Go. Away." I stay quiet for a while, frowning and wondering how to get him to calm down enough to talk to him properly. "I know you're still there."

"I'm not moving til you calm down enough to at least let Alex apologise, if not me," I say firmly, doing a better job of keeping calm than either of them, frankly. Alex is thumping his head gently on the wall next to me, cursing himself and ignoring the cold breeze that cuts down the walkway. Caleb says nothing, and I wait. He stays silent and I feel my frown deepen.

"Caleb, please let me in," Alex turns back to the door, deciding that my waiting isn't going to work.

"Fuck off," I hear Caleb crying and feel a stab of guilt. Fucking hell, Max. What did you do?

"No," Alex says stubbornly.

"Just leave me alone."

"I don't want to leave you alone, Caleb. I don't want to have to leave you alone for a good long while yet," he bites his lip slightly. I arch my eyebrow ever so slightly, wondering if Caleb will want to know.

"...I don't care." C'mon Caleb, he as good as asked you out.

"I care. C'mon, man, let me in." The door is flung open to reveal Caleb still crying and, not quite meeting Alex's eyes, he answers with a "No, you can fuck right off". Which Alex ignores, by the way, instead gently wrapping his arms around him. He wriggles out of the hug and a look of hurt flickers across Alex's face. "I'm sorry, Caleb, I really am," he murmurs.

"Didn't stop you fucking him," Caleb mumbles and I shake my head.

"It was my fault, Caleb," I say, "I should've known better. I'm sorry." Caleb kind of glares as best he can through his tears and I feel another jolt of guilt.

"You deserve each other," he goes to close the door, but Alex holds it open.

"Get lost, Alex."

"What would it take for you to forgive me?"

"I'd forgive you if you left me alone." Alex bites down on his lip uncertainly, and in that moment, I know that if Caleb doesn't forgive him, he will definitely go for that fight in Brazil and fuck what I say about it. He was willing to give up his career for this kid and start afresh, and Caleb is the only thing standing between him and an intensive care unit.

Caleb goes to shut the door again and Alex lets him. There's silence for a moment as Alex stares at the floor. I can almost see his what's going through his head and I don't like it.

Knowing he's truly moved on from me makes me feel like nothing.

His head snaps up as the door opens again. Caleb shoves the room key in his hand.

"I'm going home." Bad move, Caleb. Alex freezes for a moment, before he throws the key over the railing into the parking lot and storms off down the walkway.

"Shit," I mutter, "shit. Alex!" He ignores me, flitting down the stairs, "Alex, don't you dare accept that fight, or so help me, I'll murder you myself!" He keeps ignoring me, and Caleb starts walking away.

"Let him do what he wants, it's not like he didn't last night."

"No! Caleb, he's going to get himself killed!" or at the very least put on life support. Unless he stopped paying health insurance. In which case, he'll definitely die. Caleb pauses for a second, but then carries on walking. "Caleb!" I yell, not quite able to believe this mess, "you are the only thing standing between him and intensive care. Last night didn't mean fuck all to him last night. Please, Caleb."


The End

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